Journey for better heroes - A painstakingly long road to TC20 (and beyond) for a F2P

Happy birthday to your son @Shohoku79 ! And nice choice re Lady of the Lake, I think she’s quite worth it. Also, enjoy your freed up roster space!


Starting over can feel impossible when it involves a sunk cost—an investment with no returns. But when it comes to your E&P team, is it ever too late to start over?

Hmm, not sure if you were directing this question at me, did you perhaps mean to reply to another thread? At any rate, for me the likelihood of my restarting this game will probably be next to nil. I played 4+ years with just one account and no desire at any point this time to work with alts, if there is no further input from me for my account, it will be when I’ve quit the game.


Gz for Lady of the Lake and Happy birthday to your son :slight_smile:


Exactly what @FraVit93 said …may the portals and HA10 be kind!


Happy 3rd birthday to your son @Shohoku79! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

LotL is a nice choice! :+1: Will you work on her before Silvaria?

I considered LotL too. I decided on MN since she kept eluding me.

Hopefully you’ll fill up some of those freed up roster slots with 5* from your tc20 soon. :wink:


Thanks, I think it just depends on the mood, as soon as I am done with my current 4* nature projects (Hansel, Brynhild, Jack O’ Hare / Costume), and assuming I don’t acquire any more 3* to 4* nature projects, I think I just might start with the Lady ahead of Silvaria.

I guess I could’ve certainly considered Mother North, Loki, or Black Knight too. But from where I was, I would have to also sacrifice some of my other unique who are still sitting at 1/1 waiting to be worked on and/or some of my maxed 4^80 vanilla 5* that have not been previously emblemed or LB yet. The collector in me just thought that is a sacrifice that’s worth too much for just one.

That’s the plan, and with what little number of 5* I have in comparison with what’s out there, even if I can only manage 10 dupes to make tier 1, chances are, I will be able to find someone to pick up (case in point, if I only have 10 to work with today, I would’ve considered pulling the trigger on Khagan-C).


Announcement of some love being shown for S1 heroes by giving them secondary costumes was a bit on the depressing side, but not unexpected… I haven’t even gotten some of the costumes (Isarnia, Boldtusk, Wu Kong) I had wanted and now they are going to be coming out with more, and I had to re-acquire some of them? And you know on the heels of those are likely going to be LB2, emblem limit broken to maybe 30 or 40, 3rd costumes, LB3, 2nd costumes for seasons 2 - 5 heroes. It’s ugly.

Going 0-8 thus far on Kalevala summons for unique heroes on EHT saved by skipping sand empire isn’t great, but that announcement above in a way kind of smoothed things out a bit. With the way new heroes are being churned out faster than assembly line, as a F2P collector, there is just going to be no way I can hope to stay with it, might as well just maximize my chances at certain portals, and not feel bad if they don’t pan out.

That being said, I’ve decided to just go ahead and use my Underwild Coins that I saved up from RNG drops without clearing a single S4 stage, good for 5 summons during this TU event to see what I could get.

I got the traffic light 3* trio of Vollermork, Poppy, and Gramps. The other two was Gan Ju and Skittles, small sample size, but that’s just too high of appearance rates on the S1 feeders and that Skittles pull could’ve easily been swung over to a 4*.

Not sure when I will begin S4 at all, but eventually I should.


Smallish but somewhat symbolic update here.

  1. HA8 finally spat out the last of the classic challenge event 4* in Peters (formerly Cabin Boy Peters) that I’ve been lacking. He was the first unique boss enemy that I faced when I started, when the challenge event was the 10-stage version and not having much in terms of strong heroes made him and his silent ability extremely frustrating to deal with. But now that he is here, it marked an end to a few months’ worth of HA8 trainings as I backed out the HA8 queue I had been building and putting the excess ham and recruits to more TC20 training. Speaking of which, my freelance 4th TC that I use to create small batches of feeders every so often has now become my fourth TC20, I have most of the heroes I use now, and every projects now are just for completions sake and not really ones I am shooting up the roster charts for. Ever since Soul Exchange 2 where I exchanged for Lady of the Lake, I have received 0 dupe 5*. I am ready to start HA10 again and had stopped my HA6 troop trainings just for that purpose while HA8 is going on. Now that I am about to have 2 free spots on the HA, I guess when I get the HA10 started with my first dupe 5*, I might go back to troops again, who knows.

  2. Having finished Kalevala on Thursday night that yielded no further EHT as rewards (the EHT from the stage completion became Dawa), I was going to dial it in and just call this another fruitless seasonal event. Raid Tourney ended Friday and I had collected an EHT from the 5% loot, and after the Peters from HA8, I just chucked it in. Joukahainen, 3* blue from Kalevala, my first hero from this event, and has broken the streak in which I don’t get any new heroes on their first release. Sure, I’d loved to have others like Mielkki or Aino (who I use as my avatar now because she’s so pretty), but a streak ending is no small thing.

There you have it, 2 new heroes after acquiring 3 from S4 a day before. The 3* will start to take leveling priorities over the 4*.

Until next time.


That is an amazing journey on ftp no doubt. I would recommend any and all ftp development to really join a big alliance chaining Titans on whatever agreed. Do your wars and enjoy the game at your speed. Well done!


In other words, all except those who matter. Same here… when you get 10 Quintus and one Lianna, you can’t help but wonder how does that ods percent work for summons… 1.3% for a 5* on average… but what if some 5* have 0.5% and others have 2.6%? Average is 1.3% but it would sure explain 10 Quintus and one Lianna, far better that the old RNG


Kalevala is about to be finished (event timer-wise), I’ve already finished the event about a week into it. Honestly, I have to say in terms of events, I quite enjoy the seasonal events because of how long they were given to complete as opposed to the others and also the level mechanics, even with the handicaps given in this particular event (tiered by rarity). As far as the seasonal portal, I think I am largely done as I haven’t gotten much more EHT to try, if I get any more, I should still drop them in, because I don’t see myself having much better luck in Morlovia or Santa.

Any way, this appears to be the last of the Costume Chamber 1.0, the next one “should” feature the secondary costumes (e.g. CC2.0), the featured heroes in this one seemed odd, as Horghall is normally paired with Elena, but this time he is with Lianna instead. But since Isarnia isn’t featured, means I am still saving my gems. Keys on the other hand, I chose to use as the secondary costume releases are dominated by 5* and with the same abysmal odds, a few more keys aren’t really going to help me.

Here goes the the keys, went about as good as expected… Hawkmoon x 3, Carver, Brienne, Nashgar… Honestly, why can’t one of the Hawkmoons just be a Jahangir? That would complete my S1 3* costume collection, until the devs start releasing secondary costumes for S1 3* too. I did come away with a new Kelile costume though, whose original form was actually my first 4* Fire hero in this game. She will add to the small glut of red project I have to work on. And I am still missing BT, Wu, and Chao costumes. Funny how these just happen to be my every day heroes too (except Chao, who is more of a specialist now), of course, with Kelile being announced as the first 4* to receive a second costume, she’s now, for a lack of better term, incomplete, once again.

Until the next update.


So about 2-3 months (I think) of Season 5 release, I’ve finally decided to start Season 4 stages. I am mostly deciding to do the stage progresses during the times when Tremors of Underwild is active so I can take advantage of the reduced WE and the encountering of the Underwild Bats, which looks a lot cuter than their season 3 counterparts, the Gnomes.

So this most recent month’s Tremors is actually the first one where I am making some real progress into the stages, and since Underwild coins are not going to be dropped randomly anymore (replaced by Dune coins), I’ll just summon whenever I have enough coins to do so.

After a few dupes (Poppy, Vollermork) as well as a few vanillas, I finally managed a new Helo to get on the roster, who I will find pretty useful when it comes to being a cleanser in the 3* rank, and is as rare as they come. I wasn’t going to do any update if Helo was the only one I acquired during this time, but Sunday afternoon I had some time to work through the stages and I got enough coins for one last pull, after testing some waters where I got a Hawkmoon out of silvers, I went to the Underwild portal, Kailani, ouch… But then, Klaern popped up, making this who most argued to be the weakest of the recent bunches of HoTM to be released and prime candidate to be fed during the next Soul Exchange.

If you know me, I don’t really read into the HoTM posts before they are released, but reading a bit on the card, what he does kind of, sort of reminds me of what a Season 1 hero does. Will I feed him? If I somehow get another one, there is no doubt the dupe will be saved for Soul Exchange. But how likely am I going to get another shot at him? I think I am done with the S4 pulls this month, and with only AR and NT left to go this month, I don’t think my chances are that high. Then again, I’ve never pulled multiple copies of HoTM before, so we will see if I can manage anything.

After missing out on the last 2 HoTM (Kara and Arfanias), it’s nice to have another unique 5* aboard, but does it have to be yet another Ice 5*? I went from having almost no blue unique heroes when I started to now being overburdened with them, where I think I will have the most numbers of blue projects to work on and (not surprisingly) the least number of Scopes in my inventory.

But if you are unique, if you are a 3* and above, and if you are not a dupe, you will be worked on in my camp.

Until next update.


Challenge Festival 2 is here and being one of the very few portals in this game without the dilution of Classic heroes in this game is drawing a lot of anticipation (even the devs realize how much of a canker sore the vanilla heroes are to the long-time players that they need to actually announce that they are not there as an advertising point).

For this player, it’s something I haven’t seen myself being in, with Challenge Festival 1 (before it was just Challenge Festival since we didn’t know $GG already have plans to combine these 2nd generation challenge events so quickly), I was missing my share of the classic challenge 3* and 4* heroes that it was the opportunity to get them, but with CF2, I had none of these heroes, which makes drawing at this event something that will guarantee myself at getting something new and unique (you cannot make this claim with very many, if any features in this game).

So having saved up some additional Challenge Coins from the last of the normal Slayers event (RIP), last month, it was time to get the coins in and along with finishing the event tiers, I managed 6 pulls, and managed to achieve a few firsts in these 6 pulls.


  1. 6 pulls, 6 new heroes, no dupes
  2. 3* set completed for League of Villains
  3. First-press hero acquisition in getting a Bard hero.
  4. No female heroines / villains acquired

The Rhys pulls was interesting, after I made my first 4 pulls I was still working on Epic tier and I had just enough to make another pull, but didn’t do it right away, and even testing waters a bit with silvers didn’t seem too interesting. In previous events, I had really wanted Holy healers in the 3* and 4* (rare breeds in this game), and CF2 is an excellent shot at landing Candy or D’Andre to shore up that shortcoming after not being able to acquire Lady Woolerton for years. Something weird happened, as I was clearing event stages and getting feeders along the way, at one point I was feeding 1* to grow my existing heroes, and constant sessions in which the 1* feeders are getting the respective colored heroes 1+ level up on their special skills (2% chance), and it happened a few times in succession, taking this as some sort of sign, I went in and dropped 10 coins, screen flashed yellow, I was hoping for the aforementioned yellow healers, then this (Rhys) Reese Whitherspoon popped into sight. Holy crap (see what I did there?) I just got myself my first Bard hero and it’s a 5* healer. Certainly not who was expecting or really needing (still wanted Candy and D’Andre), but not going to complain.

This, will actually conclude my draws for CF2, in which I had no doubt I would likely get more new heroes if I start to spend Gems (I can afford a few 10x now), but now that the monkey is off the back, I am in dupe possible territory and I still want to use my gems to get Isarnia costume when she’s featured. Not sure if her costume (and 2nd costume for that matter) will be the featured one later this month when the costume chamber come back to town, but if she is, that’s where my gems will go to.

I also have to mind a bit of the roster space now that I am 6 down and still trying to hold my dupe 5* for future SE, best not get too greedy so that I am once again forced to purchase roster space.

I will likely save challenge coins from various events primarily for the CF2 now as long as the new individual Challenge Events portal (Gargoyles for example) can still be diluted with vanilla heroes. Still remain my best chance to collect new heroes at a more controlled pace. Candy and D’Andre will come, and at a much higher chance here in CF2. Still missing Gnomer from CF1, but he is less of a priority now that I have some 3* green to use in CF events.

With TC20 number 4 being in service to produce 5* dupes for future SE (kind of slow going even after throwing this one in), my level up efforts took a nose dive as I am no longer producing feeders from TC and HA (I am running the 2* troop training as well as HA10), which left no room and now I am essentially advancing heroes on heroes from map stage loots and TC20 feeders, I have developed a good backlog of heroes to work on at a slow pace.

Until next time, folks.


good morning everyone, in my opinion the cf2 is the best event of the game (for me), giving the possibility to players to have mixed (good) heroes of other available events, therefore more choice (based on randomness) to heroes, plus point for small giants, great update (for me)


Congrats on your Rhys and other new challenge event heroes @Shohoku79! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

I think you will need to buy more hero slots in the near future. :wink:


@titano - Agreed, CF2, along with CF1 remain the best places for all players, whether paying or playing for free to acquire new and unique heroes. The edge here will be going to free players because generally speaking the paying players should have had more chances at the heroes when the events weren’t combined and probably already have some of the heroes they were after (or multiple copies of), whereas free players were probably using the challenge coins or gems they saved up for a while and had less chances overall.

While it was known that if a player was looking for a specific 5* in a specific event, the chance for that would have been higher in the individual’s event (e.g. if you wanted Saoirse, you had higher chance of getting her in the Slayers event than the CF2), but, that’s all in the past, the normal Slayers event is now history. Now to get Saoirse, you’d have to get her through other avenues such as when CF2 returns, the Summer Solstice / Black Friday portals, or if she became a future candidate within a HA10 re-train possibility or within one of the future Soul Exchange.

The removal of the dilution of Season 1 3* - 5* cannot be stressed enough as the major reason why CF1 and CF2 are loved by so many, but is it all rainbows and butterflies or all things forgiven $GG? For the time being, these will be one of the most popular things $GG have done for the players in recent times. But keep in mind that these heroes are still behind paywall and the odds only increased to get the 3* and 4* event heroes, the 5* still have low, abysmal odds.

A few observations

  1. CF1 has already had at least 3 runs up to this point, while players are able to gobble up a lot of their missing heroes (and snag some newly released costumes for some of them), the popularity has already trended south since it has now become normalized. Case in point, I have all the 3* and 4* challenge heroes in CF1 with the exception of Gnomer, and while I would still like to have him, the desire for him is outweighed by being able to get more new heroes from CF2, hence I saved my Challenge Coins from the last CF1 and Slayers event for the inaugural CF2.
  2. Players are still likely to save coins for the next CF2, the more heroes they have now, the more likely they are from now on to receive duplicates.
  3. With a few more runs of CF2, unless they start incorporating new challenge events (like Gargoyles), they will too have the same feel as CF1.

@SamMe - Thank you my too no-longer needing Bauchan friend, always count on you to congratulate on my latest acquisitions, no matter how little or insignificant they might seem to many. But yes, after the latest acquisitions, I found that I am down to 3 free spaces to work with as far as feeders are concerned and although they aren’t being acquired / used up nearly as much now that TC20 number 4 is being used for dupe 5* acquisitions and my HA is being used for 2* troops and HA10, I do have some heroes that are coming up to be finished and if some of them still has specials needing level, I still can use the space for a guaranteed 1 up with 5 x 2* feeders at max. The removal of the 10 hero cap is somewhat irrelevant to me since I still typically feed 1 feeder at a time and only until a hero being at max without specials also maxed would that be helpful.

That said, I did end up buying another 5 spaces at 150 gems so I have some to work with, I could still get more, but I don’t see myself needing to worry (as much) about spaces until the next time CF2 comes around.


Catching up work continues with this month’s Tremors of Underwild WE reduction time. I started last month and finished up the first biome of stages (Province 1 - 5) and finished the avatar missions, opted not to continue into biome 2 until WE reduction is in force again. With some timing and well used flasks, I should be able to manage to finish up to Province 10 and possibly make a play to finish the avatar missions.

I had enough for 3 pulls thus far.

Helo (dupe)
Kailani (this is how the game trolls you when you S1 3* are in a lower percentage and you get them instead of the 4* for the portal)
Poppy (dupe)

But out of the Poppy pull was Tahir, August 2022 HoTM. I think with the Tahir pull, I now have a new record year for HoTM acquisition where I have 5 out of the 8 available in the year. He’ll likely get worked on further down the pipeline, but when it comes time to work on 5* reds again, I’ll have to decide to start on him or continue finishing Zagrog, whose progress was interrupted when I had a slew of 3* and 4* reds come in to work on.

Another roster space claimed in the name of keeping unique heroes. Will see how close I am when I am getting close to a Soul Exchange (Soul Exchange 3 is unlikely) when I can possibly make a run for something again to decide when I will need to buy roster space again.


Yay, congrats on your Tahir @Shohoku79! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

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Buying rooster space is nice if it’s to make space for new heroes :slight_smile: