Journey for better heroes - A painstakingly long road to TC20 (and beyond) for a F2P

Still chugging along and I did nab another 5* hero from TC20 since the last post and it was… Thorne. Yes, Thorne. The butt of jokes and ridicule amongst the E&P community, the recent buff he received in Version 20 didn’t seem to change too much of the opinion on him. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any more 5* come out of TC20 camp since getting Thorne.

But last night was a milestone. The proverbial monkey (or at least one of them) is now off my back. Atlantis summon showed up after 2AM CST, I dropped 100 Atlantis Coins into the slot, it thought about it for a while… Out came Mnesseus, Sigh, it was going to be one of those summon attempts, I see. At least it was towards the majority S2 rare hero odds, I suppose. But out came… Frida.

Yes, Frida, March 2019 HoTM Frida. My first and only HoTM since playing over a year and 2 months ago just showed up on a single 100 Atlantis Coin bonus pull at 2AM in the morning. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and when I found out I wasn’t, went ahead and Locked her up. Turn off my lights and went to sleep. Might as well quit while I am ahead, I think.

The other Monkeys still on my back are seasonal, event heroes and season 2 5* heroes, but the fact is that the advertised 1.3% odds just happened made those others felt a little lighter.

Save the Polar Bears!

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I know who’s back it saddled instead. :frowning_face:

That simian stings the back it stays on doesn’t it?

I feel you. Whenever you hear about alliance mates or forum players doing one pull and landing the bonus draw month after month and events after events, while you constantly get 3* s1 dupes is not something easy to bear. Looking at your profile, it looks like you have been playing for longer than I have, so I definitely tip my hat off to you for staying the course as long as you have and gunning for a HoTM.

Sending whatever mind powered luck your way in hopes that a HoTM will land in your camp soon.

Thank you.

Summons in this game is something where common sense and knowledge of math contradict with emotions. Logically you know that 1.7% is nearly impossible and you must be prepared to getting yet another 3*, but emotions boil and demand some luck. :slight_smile:

I just started playing at the beginnings of the month,and,after reading your logs,congratulations to all.
I plan on just buying the vip, so i’ m not a ftp.
My question is where are you on the maps.because for me,at least my main goal is to clear the 2 seaons,titans,wars,raids, in that order.
Any insight will be most welcome.

  1. Join an active alliance around your level

  1. Develop your village, rushing your training camps up to Extra low cost trainings, then work on resources and other stuff… a single forge could help you to earn ascension materials that you’ll need later in the game.

  1. Keep all of the heroes above 3 stars and try to empower them, you will need them to complete quests and events (rewards) and do well on titans and alliance wars (cooperation + rewards).

  1. Try to not rush on maps, there are many safe levels where to farm as season1 7.4 for the 100 monster’s chest, try to reach and stay on gold tier raids to farm recruits.

  1. Use your gems to expand your heroes capacity at first and perform summons with epic hero tokens when you are interested into the featured Hero Of The Month (aka HOTM).
    While the chance is small… So you are telling me there’s a chance? :blush:

Ps. take a trip here:


Thank you
I,m not rushing.i’ m in for the long haul. I have been lucky with the chests rewards. Some summon token,including 2 elemental who gave me frida and barril and several others 3 and 4 stars.
I been farming 6/7/8 and gotten good results
I’ve joined an alliance,they’re active but not chatty.Killed a few titans lost all the wars.
I have just reached silver yesterday on the raids .I’m only doing revenge right now,my team is only up to 2300.
Did a lot of reading on those links, and found a ton of advices that i try to apply.
.thanks again for the advices.
I will be following this forum, so keep us posted of your experiences.

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Thank you for taking the time to read.

No problem if you choose to go the C2P route, having the VIP Pass 2nd builder will cut down quite a bit of build time and save a lot of frustrations.

@FraVit93 was the one that provided additional beneficial information but what I can echo in agreement is that the forum is a very valuable resource for your journey. And from your response, you already have some luck on your side as far as having a HoTM to drop for you. You are also not required to rush through the maps at all. Story-wise you are not going be missing much if you take your time. I did not finish Season 1 map until I have my rainbow 4* Team ready, and that was after my first TC20 started production.

As more Atlantis stages are released, your “first-time” completion Atlantis Coin rewards are going to be more valuable because the pool of Atlantis heroes increased since it was first released.

Atlantis Coins are a harder resource to come by than say Gems, so if you are playing on the cheap and have been hoarding Atlantis Coins and slowly progressing through maps, you’d have more Atlantean Currency to summon when the full summon portal is released (which I think as far as S2 heroes, we should be done with the release of Poseidon, and if Atlantis summon portals still continues to be monthly, the only variable will be which two season 2 hero and which 2 past HoTM become the featured summon, with slightly higher odds).

Any way. Thanks again for reading and hope it helps calm the nerves a bit whenever there are times you get frustrated with summons or the progress.


So… An update… I finally got a hold of my first Event Hero when Guardian Jackal came howling in out of another seemingly ill-fated 10x summon I decided to do last time Guardians of Teltoc came around. I also came closer to getting at least a copy of every 3* and above Classic Hero… Because since the last update, I’ve finally gotten Skittleskull to come out of hiding and into my camp (twice in fact) and so my 3* and 4* are done, and it’s now only the 5*, where I am only missing Richard, Domitia, Vivica, Leonidas, Joon, and Marjana. Again, it’s quite curious that everyone all seem to be short of something different, I’ve had alliance mates who had no problem getting the ones I am missing out of their TC20, but some of them are also missing the ones that seem to come to me more often. I guess that’s RNG for you.

6 more to go… The Elusive 6… Journey continues.


Good luck on collecting the Season One set. Even with spending on summons it took me over two years to get them all - Domitia really didn’t want anything to do with me.


Hey @Shohoku79
Since you are trying to keep a copy of all heroes, how many hero slots 1) do you have and 2) have you purchased? Just curious. Thanks

I currently have 75 spaces filled and 85 capacity. I have not purchased any space increases, everything was given from leveling up. I am currently level 53.

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I have scored 4 Vivica’s from my TC20 and it’s becoming annoying…I’ve only pulled like 6 5*’s and 4 are Vivica and 2 were magni. So much for getting a variety.

Wish I could get a Vivica. I’d even feed her dragon for her. Really, I’d be happy just seeing a Hu Tao. 97 tries and nothing but 3* in yellow.

Being F2P and a collector of heroes is a step in the long direction. Since that last update in June, the Elusive 6 was narrowed down to the Mysterious 5 when Marjana showed up. So now just Vivica, Leonidas, Joon, Domitia, and Richard to have not come by. One thing has not changed is that the game still does not feel like it wants to give me 5* yellow heroes, or 5* from summons (up to today, Frida was the “only” 5* I have from the portal).

A few more events have passed since June, between Gem Hoarding and being selective about when to drop gems for summons or dropping in collected EHT…

Summer: Arman (a few of them came from EHT, I fed all dupes, I really, really, wanted Hisan, but my alliance mates got him) and a Jabbar, wanted Gafar, but, at least that’s 2 seasonal heroes.

Atlantis: Gadeirus was acquired from a 100 Atlantis Coins summon after finishing up all the Atlantis Hard Stages, the only other unique one I did not have, still missing Triton, Proteus, and, yes, even Danzaburo, and still striking out on S2 5*.

Avalon: I dropped my 10x pull on this event. Not to get any hopes up, but was hoping to at least pick up Bauchan since it would be another unique 3*, but nope on the goblin, but I did manage to pick up Merlin and Lancelot.

Until the next event pull, not really holding my breath for A.R. end of Sept., but hope I can pick up one of the 3 Vampires in Morlovia with EHT (but I will keep my expectations in check since it didn’t happen last year).

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I am with you on this, but I am a bit luckier on the pulls. 3x hotm and NO other 5* from pulls. Heck - almost none of the non standard 4*.

Saving my gems for the next guardians. My best chance to improve my team. A few atlantis heroes too but I will hold out maybe.

Fingers crossed that you will have better luck with pulls. I am not ftp but ctp and have more 5* from pulls than from tc20. It’s 7 from pulls and 4 from tc20. I’ve run most of the time just one tc20 so that’s maybe why. Planning on running 2 or 3 when I’m running out of mats and suitable heroes to level. Bonus I’ve also seen once, I am a proud Kunchen owner :grin: and I got 2 hotms from the Atlantis portal when they were featured, so I consider myself lucky. Good luck with your next pulls! I wish to have one of the new shiny event heroes, so good luck to myself as well :wink:

Thank you for your well wishes. Playing for free and only summoning once in a while means I will have to rely a lot on the TC20 that I have, which is free, as long as I stay active enough in the game to replenish the associated food and recruits costs. Gems are of course different, I hoard them using methods readily available in the game that does not involve purchasing.

As previously eluded to (at least I think I did), the way the Google Play Store (as far as I know since I play on Android) does now, is that each transaction has to trigger at least some $ above the deal price, so that means, even if Google Play would some how give me a promotional $1 credit, I would not be able to use it to purchase a $0.99 gems deal that I had been able to in the past (e.g. that promotional credit would not be able to be used by itself to cover the entire deal purchase, it won’t even show up), but if I were to purchase a $1.99 deal, that promo credit can be used to knock out $1, and I still had to pay $0.99. So playing on the cheap / free means I would not be utilizing the promo credit for the occasional gems.

I would say I’d have to modify the title a bit, since I have already gotten TC20 x 4 available in my base, unless the Devs start introducing levels beyond TC20 (don’t think that’s currently in the talks either).

Hopefully the next time I post an update, the Mysterious 5 would’ve gone down in number.

So… We are in the final stretch of 2019, where do I stand in terms of heroes? All the TCs have long turned 20 and now just rounding out the base with Advanced buildings. Still got many to work on, but each takes such a time to upgrade, it almost feel like it’s a moot point to mention their progress, since after reaching TC20, there is currently no real “goal” any more to help me get more unique heroes, which is pretty much what I am playing this game for.

So since the last update, still missing the same 5 season 1 heroes. RNGesus continues to keep 5* yellows away from me. In fact, I am almost felt like saying 5* have slowed down for me. I’ve also gotten to the point that I kind of stopped tracking my pulls because I am just waiting for the same 5 heroes. The gaming community certainly won’t miss my data for justifying the odds of TC20 pulls.

Other heroes-wise.
Managed to get Vlad on a the first EHT pull of Return to Morlovia. Then things went down hill from there, duplicate Vlad yes, and no Valeria, and certainly no Victor.

Looks like January will be when the new revamped challenge events will have be finishing up its first rotation. Challenge / Seasonal events seem to have similarly awful summoning odds (at least for me). With each revamped events, there will be one amped up mob enemy made heroes. Out of the 4 events that have transpired thus far. I only managed to pull the Shrubbear (out of Challenge Coins, which are hard enough to farm). Not sure why SGG continues to ignore 4* But let’s see what’s left in store for the revamped Guardians. Perhaps it’s expensive food again.

Nothing to report on the Atlantis Rises front. I am managing to procure enough Atlantis Coins to do one single summon each month. For the past two months, I’ve gotten Namahage. The next Atlantis is coming soon, RNGesus will think to make it 3 of 3?
Highly likely.

Costumes that were introduced got me “Talked to the Hand” Bane and Candy Skull (not really looking forward to working on this, even though I did manage to finish the original).

For me, this lack of new heroes is starting to make me dip into my bench of 5* that I otherwise wouldn’t have started working just yet. I literally ran out of yellow heroes to work on since Justice was maxed. Though not ideal and waste of XP growth, I had to off color feeding yellow feeders. This, is again, after maxing out the above mentioned Bane costume. Pulling a Gretel or even a Pixie from the Grim Forest would have been nice, but RNGesus says no when it gave me a trashy 10x pull that I had hoarded gems for months to do.

With my summoning luck, the best I might have to hope for at this time are:

  • Possibly pulling costumes for Li Xiu so I can feed yellow feeders to proper color
  • Hopefully the other Yellow heroes will show up from TC20 so I can feed yellow feeders to the proper color

And maybe, hopefully I won’t run out of new unique heroes to work on.


So the big 2020, passed was my 2nd anniversary playing this game in January, the world is stricken with the pandemic, what is there to report on my hero front?

First, let’s get the TC20 portion out of the way (hmm, that’s what this thread started out as right? To see my progress with the TC20), as of today, the same freaking 5 Season 1 5* heroes not showing up (Joon, Leonidas, Vivica, Domitia, and Richard), despite multiples of others’ duplicates did (Magni, Lianna, Sartana). The TC20 collection front isn’t looking too bright. I have even tried to let TC20s sit and collect when I have enough to get 10 at once just to make my pseudo 10x Epic Pull. Aside from a few taps that resulted in accidentally collecting before they hit 10, same story. I am not even really looking forward to TC20 results any more.

On some brighter news:

This past Christmas while I was hoping for at least Rudolph off of the Winter pulls using EHT, I didn’t get the reindeer, but I managed to get Buddy, creepy smiles Buddy. I now at least have a green debuffer (plus some meat shields) to use against Blue Titans.

On New Years Eve / Day, I dropped one of my last few EHT into the slot, first came the obligatory 3* food, then I managed to pick up Vela, the January 2020 HoTM. Which makes may second HoTM for this game, and incidentally, both are Blue (the other was Frida, in case you didn’t read from up top).

Challenge Events continued to suck for me, can’t even use the collected Challenge Coins to grab the 3* (Bauchan, Vodnik, Guardian Bat), for April, I might just skip out on the summons because I already have Shrubbear and the best I could probably hope for is him, and I don’t keep duplicates.

Costumes came around and I was pretty glad in collecting costumes for Melendor, Gunnar, Tyrum, and Hawkmoon. And of course March costumes chamber went down hill by giving me duplicate Hawkmoon and Tyrum costumes (and their owners).

February introduced Season 3 (much quicker than I expected), but instead of using the Vahalla Coins as soon as I get enough of them, I’ve decided to hold onto them until all Season 3 heroes are released, and in conjunction with Gems hoarding, do a 30x pull plus Vahalla Coins pull around Christmas time (approximately when all Season 3 will be released, if my calculations are correct). Sure that means I won’t get to play with Season 3 heroes until later, but I am tired of monthly Namahage, and speaking of which, the Atlantis Coins have just now being made even rarer as apparently their places are taken over by Vahalla Coins, and I can now only find them by hunting Orichalcum Sea Dragons during Atlantis Rises. Here is to pretty much good bye to more Season 2 heroes unless I decide to Gem summon.

Springvale is something pretty unique. It was my first Seasonal Event since playing, and back then, I’d just barely enough to collect the Squire Wabbit Avatar. Last year, I actually opted to skip Springvale summons (there were only 3, and self-debilitating heroes that did not interest me much) and continue hoarding EHT until the summer (end result was me getting Gafar and Arman). So now there are 4 new heroes to make the roster of 7, and being still without a Springvale hero, this is where I would summon.

Wow, the game’s first 4* Yellow Healer is a self-debilitating hero and is only available once a year, figures this is something SGG might do. In my mind, my goal was to get Ms. Woolerton, and if I did it would be a win (Because I really, need Yellow heroes to work on!), would be ok if getting Jack since I’ve seen him for a couple of years, grabbing the Wabbit and Chicken Little there would be cool, since it will still mean unique heroes. Good news is that I managed to get Squire Wabbit and Chick Jr. on the first day of the event within the first few EHT. But I’d still very much like the 4* Sheep… So today, 04/08/2020, during lunch time, I dropped another EHT in (not much left)…. Out came…

Killhare, AKA Lola Bunny, AKA grown up Babs Bunny

Wait-a-Minute, you mean to tell me, after 2 years and 4 months of playing, I just got myself my first 5* from the summon portal that’s not a HoTM, and this is the first Seasonal 5* on my roster? You better believe it. Lock Icon quickly went into action. This still seemed pretty surreal to me even as I am typing this because I really wasn’t summoning for the 5* heroes since I know how much my summoning luck sucked. A few more EHT in after, got me a duplicate Wabbit (fed) and Jahagir (that’s when I stopped), I still have a few EHT left and I still wanted the Sheep, even if I don’t end up getting her, I can’t be too unhappy with what transpired here.

So, yes, a few new heroes on the roster, but man, I need Yellow Heroes not named Dawa to work on.

Until next time…


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