Journey for better heroes - A painstakingly long road to TC20 (and beyond) for a F2P

Absolute respect Shohuko79 - not least for your fortitude! Good luck with TC20…

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Thank you for the kind words. I have gotten pretty much 90% of what I needed TC20 for at this point. The rest of the 10% would be divided amongst food/recruit storage and chips acquisition for Hero Academy 10 once I get that up and running (I am about 9 days away from getting the building upgraded to 9 as of this writing, and even after the building is totally finished, I still have to wait for the researches to be finished). No dupe 5*, no chips to use in HA10, right? And as pointed out a few posts above, no roster space, no collection from TC/HA, but I am fairly confident things would change before I even get HA10 up and running and it spits out a non-S1 hero (who knows when this might even be since I’d have to get a dupe 5* and it takes one week to train and very well could be another vanilla 5*).

For the curious minds… As of Level 74, the total roster space without any increased purchases is 103.


Mini update, looks like the battle between roster masochism vs gems to buy roster space has a winner. And to the possible disappointment to some, no new heroes came out of Atlantis, Corellia, Costumes, and Taverns prior to my level up. So Roster Masochism continues! At level 75, my roster space increased a grand total of 1. So at 104 spaces, I have 2 to play with now. Isn’t life grand? Strangely enough, except for those stages that has a guaranteed hero drop, I haven’t gotten any stage where two heroes dropped as loot. I guess even the game couldn’t believe I’ve gone this long without buying space or haven’t realized that I now got 1 more space. The next time I get free space from the game would be at 77. Would I be able to get 2 new heroes between now and then? I am about half a day from finishing up the building upgrade for HA10, then it’s research time. This game with times needed, I swear… I already have all the S1 heroes, so those gets fed, and costumes don’t cost roster space, after all. So perhaps my unique heroes could come from there when it finally starts, I mean portals generally sucked for me any way.

Costumes Portal this month featured new heroes, too yellow/red populated, why do they have to finish distributing all the green heroes in the first two portals? I was able to scrape together enough for two total pulls this month (RNG wasn’t as kind to me on free keys since the December costume). Any way, with the key pulls, I was able to acquire Renfeld costume, hey not a brand new one, but a new, unique one nevertheless. Then the second key pull, a dupe Renfeld, are you kidding me? With the pool fully diluted now, you gave me a duplicated of the same one I pulled earlier the day. At least some of my other heroes ate well and costumes don’t cost roster spots. But are the Renfelds, Dawas going to continue their reigns of terror in the costumes event portals from now on?

I really hope the costumes will be trainable in the future, not from Heroes Academy, but rather from higher TCs. I have already wanted the troop related functions of the HA to be moved to the barracks, which serve no other function aside from the occasional troop upgrades, and again should be dealing with the troop related actions, not the “Hero” Academy. Those troop related levels that could be moved to barracks, can be used to retrain 3* and 4* heroes to unique ones (S2 and challenge, and maybe include the seasonals), because, as much as it would come as a surprise to the developers, some people do still want them.

Until next time, roster masochism continues.


If you don’t have enough space you’ll not be able to drop more than one hero (if you just have 1 empty slot), 2 hero drop in a stage is possible if you have enough space.

Correct, I am only making the observation when I know I have 2 spaces free (I know it’s RNG, but it’s a small sample size). But I’ve already gone for a few weeks with only one space free, even though now I have two free, I still end up feeding 1 as I get 1, force of habit, I guess.

Of course, this makes using multiple loot tickets at once not an attractive option because that too, will limit how much feeder heroes I can get (one or two max in my case) because of the same limitation above. So during Atlantis, in stages where I LT, I do them one at a time.


I strongly agree with you. New summoning portal = more heroes I am realistically not going to get.

Even worse, with all costumeso now released for S1, everything from tc20 has a paywalled upgrade. :roll_eyes:

As much as I’d like to see S2 added to tc20, or perhaps tc21 etc, I really doubt it’d happen. They have made a telling choice with HA10, and a lot more. Costumes for already OP heroes, anyone?

Sorry to go off topic here.

I think that is my fault. I kind of hi-jacked @Shohoku79 excellent documentary. I will necromancy somewhere else

I think I’ll leave my reply up. :sweat_smile:

So, who are you hoping for from HA10? I’ve only done one re-training so far, and finally got my first Leo. Now I’m just after Dom to complete my S1 5* collection.

There are so many good non-S1 5* in HA10, I won’t list who I would like…

There is always hoping right? I mean, that’s why a lot of us are still here, methinks?

No worries… But I did read it this afternoon before you removed it, but I was not sure how it got linked to the no spend war thread. But at least I know there is now 150+ 5* heroes (without having to do my own math) released thus far and I have what, less than 30 of them? Pretty soon there will be 300+ 5* heroes in this game, and no one will ever remember a lot of them any more.

Honestly, since I don’t keep duplicates of any heroes, any 5* I don’t have would be fine and dandy (yes including Mok-ARRRRRGGG).

Of course, I’d be lying if I say there aren’t any that I prefer more over the others. Any of the challenge event 5* would probably be most welcome, followed by specialists like Tarlak or Miki (Ranvir isn’t that high on my chart because he is essentially a buffer Wu Kong that also does have an initial hit), because I am tired of not being able to bring Wu to Alpha Gryphon fights (simple enough right?)

Speaking of which, I am about a week or so in days in finishing up my HA10 research, I better hope I will have a duplicate 5* from TC20 between now and then (and remember to hold on to him/her instead of my usual dupe to feed motion), otherwise, HA10 would be pretty useless if I don’t have any chips to throw in. Honestly, with so many restrictions on HA10 (only one Hero Academy, single session with no queueing and each takes a week), the best any one could hope for is 52 sessions a year (assuming chips are present and the collection / re-train happen right after). That doesn’t get nearly as much chances as say a TC20. Out of those, who knows how many of those are going to be duplicates or undesirable ones that ends up going back in right away any way.

By user-friendliness, time consumption, and resource needed, TC20 is still the most F2P friendly feature for this game.


Alright, sort of a non-update / rant from me.

Since the last post I made almost a month ago (looks like 27 days), I have on Feb. 10 finished the HA10 research. Then… Nothing. What does that mean, it means I don’t have any chips to drop into the HA10 to start the re-training process. In fact, I have not had a 5* for weeks (going on months) now, perhaps even dating back to 12/20/20, when I got my first Joon, that ended up making any 5* from TC20 from that point on dupes that I could use. Since I stopped tracking my 5* after a while, I don’t remember any more that came after Joon.

Yes, that’s what I was foresaw as a very likely scenario leading into the completion of HA10, no chips to run. So I have since then finished HA5, HA6, HA9 research, started one HA9 retrain that recently finished (too bad Ninja Troops aren’t part of the possible results, which they really should if some players got them before they were taken out of the rotation), and will look to finish HA7 and HA8 research as well. I am also back to finish upgrading my Hunter’s Lodge and will finish the researches there, then it’s the Farms I have left over to finish to Advanced, and perhaps covert one of the Farms into an Alchemy Lab, and work on things there, because, I still need places to dump the excess amount of Food and Iron.

So perhaps this drought I am having is RNG telling me to start summoning with Gems so I can get chances to start my HA10. Uh, no thank you, I am not going to waste my gems (or be led into purchasing more gems) just so I can get “chances” at dupe 5* just so I can get the ball rolling in HA10 (not that I am expecting anything unique out of the 5% once a week and very, very stingy 52 total chances a year) and I am not going to sacrifice my existing non-dupe 5* to start HA10, if the drought continues, so be it.

Hero front, nobody new after Renfeld costume last month. Cruddy summoning odds on Villains with C Coins and Ninja on N Coins, I didn’t even finish climbing the tower and quit on the second day. Even the costumes that normally gave me something new gave me 3 dupes I already had, and all Green (Ishhtak, Brienne, and Belith), so I still haven’t gotten any costumes out of the 3rd batch of costume releases. Since I am still working on roster spaces, I won’t draw any from Valhalla (besides, I am still working on the avatars and hard levels, it just gives me another excuse not having to be forced to buy roster spaces because drawing from Valhalla even with V Coins will likely get me 3* unique at the very least).

With Carol maxed today, I am now out of red heroes to work on. Time to off-color feed red feeders again until I get more red heroes (eyeballing March costumes for most likely relief point).

Until next time.


Relief on red heroes came a little sooner than anticipated, it seems. No, I didn’t break down and start spending gems to summon and somehow got a new red hero to work, nor did I get a vanilla 5* dupe to throw in and somehow something new came out (so my HA10 still hasn’t gotten any uses yet). It came from one place that I wasn’t expecting.

Not really keeping a keen eye on the calendar of events, I had no idea that Tavern of Legends is here already. Aren’t they more towards the middle of month thing? Any way, I have now preferred Tavern of Legends over the alternating Ninja Tower, not because of the summoning portal, which both sucks in terms of odds. But rather with Tavern of Legends, it is not a multi-day event and I can usually finish the Tavern in one day using WE, same as the Costume Masquerade. I am also pretty much guaranteed at least 2 summons out of the Tavern for finishing the event (at least there should be two expensive feeders), whereas the Ninja Tower… I get trickles of coins that might or might not get me a pull depends on how far I got (I didn’t finish last month’s Tower because I got sick of climbing the tower and having to deal with the Oni curses) and the Ninjas who seemed to do be doing a very poor job housekeeping, their house in such deplorable situation that there are gases and as you get higher, the more you weigh the more likely you are going to fall through the floor so you have to carry less and less items just to prevent that. Ninja Tower just seemed more like a chore.

Any way, I did some Tavern stages, got enough for one pull, somehow got 2* troops in a roll off of silvers and went in to the Tavern… Baner, yup, good ol’ everyone’s first 3* Baner. So the rest of the day I spend some time to finish the event, which had enough for a second pull. After a few 1* heroes and 1* troops, I did what I normally do with Tavern Coins when I get them, I just chucked them in early, ready to collect my 3* dupe feeder and move on so I don’t have to visit the screen again for the rest of the week and just had to click off the random trolling pop up featuring Alberich, Gravemaker, Hel, etc. Screen flashed red, Azar or Hawkmoon right? I will find you a good home… Not!

But out came Jean François… Musketeer Mage… February 2020 HoTM.

So this means a few things for me,

  1. Since the release of Tavern of Legends, this would be the first past HoTM I pulled out of the portal, using Tavern Coins (I have not spent gems on Taverns).
  2. This will be my second Fire HoTM, first was Noor.
  3. JF was one that came in between the ill-fated Vela (Jan. 2020) and Telluria (Mar. 2020).
  4. Of the HoTM I have, I am leaning heavily towards the 2020 releases on my roster.
  5. The current list of possible HA10 results that are HoTM stops at Vela.

Aside from having another red hero to work on… This also means, I am now again, down one more roster spot and now back to where I was before… Get one feed one… I am about to level up, but that only gets me 1 more WE cap, it is next level up after that will get more more free roster spots. Looks like the work of a Roster Masochist is not done.

One of my alliance mates jokingly said I finally pulled a 5* but still can’t join the HAA (Hero Academy Awareness - sort of like our alliance’s inside joke on the Hero Academy, where a few of them who do spend already have their shares of dupe 5* they throw in, but with HA10, there is mostly disappointments, a support group is formed to help deal with the depression resulting from Hero Academy results, like what they do with the Alcoholic Awareness meetings). Yeah, unfortunately, since JF is not a dupe, and I think I would really need the HAA help if I actually pulled a vanilla 5* out of the Tavern today, on the one hand, I get to throw him/her into the pot and wait for a week, on the other hand, I might feel worse than had I pulled another feeder, because you know… So close to the good odds pool and you had to get me to the significantly less desirable odds pool that had even lower odds.

Any way, another HoTM in the books, let’s see what comes along next. Hopefully I can get more new costumes this month.

Until next time.


congrats on beating the ToL odds! enjoy your shiny new hero :slight_smile:


Yeah, not going to hold my breath on that happening again soon. One of my alliance mates were able to get at least 4 or 5 out of the Taverns, not sure how much he spent though.

Any way, in case some didn’t start reading from the beginning (and I really really appreciate those that spent the time to do so), I’ve decided to set aside a section on the first post to document all the unique heroes 3* and above that I have acquired for this game and how much roster space they occupied for me to house them. Each time I make an update entry, I will be sure to update that list in that first post.

Reason for that is to put the whole journey into perspective and there is not a more suitable place or a forum function (at least not that I know of) that could accomplish that. That list shouldn’t be horribly long because, I am a F2P, who don’t war, don’t raid, don’t VIP, don’t pay the for the PoV path after all.


A semi-update here. No new hero, but weird tinkling feeling today on St. Patrick’s Day seemed to foreshadow something happening.

So just another day, but my monster chest slot this morning was replaced with an Ice Chest, not exactly luck of the Irish Green, but eh, I know where to fill that. But course, there are also 3 new quests appearing (Trials of Decimation, Gems 1, and Battle Items 2), and filling an elemental chest yields no food and iron. Good, means I can fill it without it overflowing my almost full Food and Iron storage max. Since not really in a rush to fill that ice chest (not looking forward to more silver coins, which had already become commonplace in these elemental chests), I did a few 8-7, finished the trials and the gems quests and did my raid tourney flags, filling some ice enemies along the way.

Then there was a hiccup of sort it seems where the phone push-notification tells me that my Hunter’s Lodge Upgrade has been finished, I knew it was sometimes today, just didn’t pay attention as to when, so I logged in, and saw that there were still 45 minutes left to go, did the push notification on the phone jumped the gun? Of course 45 minutes later, there came 2 more push notifications that says my Hunter’s Lodge Upgrade is finished (for real, for real, we promise).

So I am done with my Hunter’s Lodge building upgrade, time to spend my Iron on the next project, which I have opted to convert one of my Farm 20 to Alchemy Lab (figured it is about time I started doing something else to it. I already had it previously converted once, now I am upgrading it to level 2. So now the Hunter’s Lodge is free up again, I used the opportunity to start the next research on the docket, which was Caltrops. I will be ready for you next time you show up, Tigger! :fist:

So now I am at less than 100k food and approximately 210k iron after those actions went into place, suddenly the ice chest not bringing food and iron is beginning to look a little paltry (always feel this way when you are down on these), and I have around 260 recruits in their college dormitories. So tingling feeling was answered when I checked my first TC20 today, it’s Khagan.

Great, I had my food, iron, and recruits prepped and ready to go for a better part of a month and change, and you, game, chose one of the most resource-strained time to throw a monkey wrench into my plans are you? Figured it’s something you would try on this Roster Masochist, RNGesus ala SGG, but ho ho ho, I am ready for you.

Time for some resources shuffling, aside from the roster constraint I placed on myself, which means I will be wasting feeders if I try to farm any more and whatever I farm will not be nearly enough to start a HA10 session from where I am. So with the recruits I had, I chucked what I could into the HA6, which was already training 3* troops to free up the housing situation. Then started backing out recruits and food out of my 3xTC20s, careful not to end up wasting any recruits by backing out too many, my iron became short after the initial HA6 additions, luckily I am about to collect from my Watch Tower, Mine, and Farms, and I had a few Iron / Food bundles in inventory for padding.

So with a few sessions of backing out of food/recruit from TC20, collecting additional food supply from farms/food bundle, throwing excess recruits into HA6 with the iron collection/iron bundles, before the Khan has had a chance to survey his base and bid hello to his maxed better half, he was tossed into the salad spinner that is HA10 and won’t be seen, well again because you can’t get back what you throw in, after all. Will see what the pot shows in a week.

Thus, begins my first HA10 session and my first HAA meeting within my alliance in a week’s time. Figured the game would try something like this during my most inopportune time, but good thing I was ready for its diabolical attempt at further delaying my HA10 session. Again, not going to be expecting any earthshattering result each week because of how long it takes and how little the odds are for something I don’t already have, but it is what it is.

Until next time…


Well, slight correction to the above about no new heroes, it is no new heroes that are noteworthy. But earlier this month I did end up picking up costumes for Carver and Hu Tao (See? Even in costume form he gets easily overlooked).

So with those, slight mile stone in the sense that I have all the green 3* costume, and Hu Tao costume is the first for me from batch 3.

So green and yellow feeders are diverted to feed these two.

I do have some decisions coming up, should I purchase roster space in anticipation of saving more at least a 5* dupe to drop into the pot should one bear fruit, or risk having another drought that I had to start my first HA10? I am still running TC20s after all. There is certainly argument for this, but seeing some of my alliance mates’ results really kind of doubt my chances of seeing something soon. Can I make it to my next level and get more free space without picking up another hero? Maybe I will just treat my next dupe 5* while HA10 is still cooking as I always have treated it, very expensive Filet Mignon for whichever 5* it is fed to.

Tune in next time.


Update time, since the last post, I have gained 3 new projects to work on. None of which came from HA10, mind you.

Nashgar costume from the April Costumes, Boril costume from the May Costumes, the others being dupes of batches 1 and 2 (pretty strange how I have only managed to pull 2 from batch 3 of the costumes, being Hu Tao and Nashgar, while still largely devoid of the others, but then again, I don’t really pull that much aside from using keys, I guess dupes are bound to happen, just didn’t expect them to swing so much into the ones before).

But costumes don’t take up roster space, just dupe counts on the costumes inventory. My third project, which just came two days ago, was my second Teltoc hero, Guardian Bat off of Challenge Coins pull. Not Falcon, who I was hoping for, but still a unique hero I will keep and I guess Jackal is at least happy that his understudy came aboard. Portions of purple feeders are diverted from Domitia, being the last major purple project it will make sure she will remain being worked on while longer, thus prolong the purple work-in-progress project for a while longer.

Means, I am now down yet another roster space at 104/105. So it’s collect / feed and rinse/repeat again. Food is getting a bit on the scarce side as in addition to shoveling 1322k ham and 300 recruits into HA10 every week, I am also at the same time finishing up on Researching Alchemy Lab levels and also test transmuting each levels along the way, doing this while also upgrading the last of my Advanced Farm means the food production takes a hit until it gets to 10. One of my Farm 20 was converted to the aforementioned Alchemy Lab. But I suppose things will slow down a bit after the researches/upgrades are all completed.

Since I am not summoning Season 4 nor do I think I will have enough Ninja Coins to summon the Ninja portal, and unfortunately the Troops portal don’t give chances for HoTM, I believe this will take me out of contention for Yang Mai, sure it’s another HoTM that I will probably remember in name only but largely devoid attention of, but it’s not as if I am chasing any specific heroes. Being F2P means that you just have to hope for good luck with what you have.

Any way, unique hero times 1, roster masochism tightens up and resumes. Until the next update.


Really impressed at you having the patience to level up with only one free roster space… hope your next level up gives one more. At a certain level, the roster spaces increase only by one every two player levels so…

At least some more unique heroes have come too! quite a collection you have already!


Thank you for the comment, my friend.

My next level up gets me WE cap increase, it’s the next one after that will get me roster space increases, and it could be one or two, actually. But of course, the number of XP required for leveling up increases exponentially too, so with my quasi-active play style, who can really say when that happens, maybe another 3 to 4 months?

At least I am currently still be able to avoid buying roster space because of the restrictions I provided for myself and because I don’t have the magic fingers like akionna’s kid, who gets her a unique 4* plus HoTM or Jackal while I am at best getting a Bat. :joy:

Still liking the fact that costumes don’t take up roster space and wouldn’t mind getting more of them to work on, that’s for sure.

Thanks for the continuing the read.


so at this point, getting new heroes could potentially be both blessing and curse! Though if you don’t summon in Underwild or Ninja Tower, that leaves Challenge Events and ToL. well, who knows? it would be a nice problem to have :wink:

and of course, happy to keep reading - thank YOU for sharing your journey with us, friend! :slight_smile:


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