🦅 Joukahainen – 3* Ice / Blue from Legends of Kalevala

I would keep two. Could be very useful in rush and buff booster tournaments. Also the resources needed to max two are reasonable

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I agree, except for monk emblems, which I’m in dire need of! Thanks for the recommendation.

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No one below the age of 60 has a clue

I’m over 60 and I still don’t. Is it an American cultural reference?

“Bob Newhart Show” moved its characters to a rural setting where the new neighbors were Larry and his brothers, “Daryl and my other brother Daryl”.

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Ah, right, thanks. I do remember Bob Newhart because my dad had a record of his monologues (hilarious!). But I’m not sure the show was available in the UK.

Oh, come on. I’m 41, and I remember Larry, Daryl, and Daryl. I was pretty young and don’t remember a ton about the show, but even I thought that part was pretty funny.