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Is SGG able to go back and see a raid that I just completed? I can give the player’s name and the timestamp for when I was in the raid. The reason I ask is because I was just playing my routine raids and noticed a bug suddenly come up. I tried to recreate but I couldn’t get the conditions to match exactly.

Here’s what happened, I had Sif charged up and fired. While her buff was active, the enemy’s Frigg, Inari, and Skadi all fired in that exact order. All three killed themselves except what’s odd is that Frigg came back to life with one of Skadi’s minions from her family bonus. I tried to recreate where at least Frigg or Inari killed themselves in the same turn Skadi did but wasn’t able to do it. Please check the raid recording if you have it. I attached a screenshot of the player’s name and their alliance name as well.
The raided player’s name:
Timestamp of raid when bug occurred:
Jan 3, 2022 11:26PM (Timezone= UTC+5:30)

It is strange and it can not be just an animation issue as Skadi fired after Frigg.

Maybe @Dudeious.Maximus can notify @Petri to look at it.

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Did see this earlier… Was seeing if anyone else could shine some light.
@Crazyhindu your best to send a support ticket…

Thanks guys. I raised the issue with SGG using their chat service. Hopefully they can see the problem first hand.

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Maybe Frigg dodged one of the counterattacks (by talent or Inari buff)
Don’t know if that’s theoretically possible but might be an explanation or the bug here…

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