Jormungandr Mythic Titan 1% gave me Onatel avatar? (Resolved)

I finished top 1% of the Jormungandr mythic titan event, which was supposed to reward the Jormungandr themed profile avatar but for some reason I was given the Onatel profile picture instead. Is that a bug?

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The Onatel Avatar is from POV :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh wow you are right, I see now I was only 1% on top attack and just got edged out of the 1% for total damage… darn. I was 1% in both with 2 hours left so I figured I would stay there and didn’t pay attention when loot came up, and since I hadn’t checked my avatars since buying pov the onatel one was still had the “NEW” sticker on it which super confused me.

Thanks! No issues then lol, sorry


Hopefully you will get it next time.

Also, I slightly edited your post to show it is not an issue. :wink:


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