Joon vs Musashi

I am mostly concerned with Titan team. I have 4 orbs to ascend 1 of them to tier 3. What do you guys think? Joon or Musashi?

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Personally, I would go with Joon. Blinding a Titan will save your team a lot more damage than you’d benefit from Musashi’s self heal.


As Penari say, maybe Joon’s ability to blind is more suitable for Titan fights.
But Musashi has more attack and defence stats, so gems do more damage and he can even heal with them.

I don’t think you do wrong whatever you choose.
Maybe i go with Musashi because not many people has him.


Their max attacks are quite similar, 749 / 786. You may not notice much of a difference, but Joon’s special is 468% compared to Musashi’s 332%. You’ll get a lot more punch with Joon. Musashi’s defense is also only marginally higher than Joon’s, and Joon has more HP.


For Titans, Joon wins hands down. His special does more damage because of the bigger %. The minor damage to nearby does nothing against Titans as it is just one target. The selfheal is small, you still need a healer to keep other heroes alive. While Joons blind for 6 turns is amazing, unless you use arrows, but even if you do, you can take them out and put in a different item.

I have same decission to make when I get darts for tier 4. I care more about the raids, so the decission is much harder.


My titan attack strategy is always based on gem combos, not on special attacks. So highest value of attack is always better for me. Even if 37 more may seems low for a single gem, it is not at all, especially in buff/debuff mode.

So Musashi has good point too, but as i said in the previous post, there is no wrong choice here :slight_smile:


Joon is best for titans, but overall Musashi is better in all other uses.

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Well that can be Elpis, but still the result will be bigger damage from joon, as you will use the special every time it is available and the blind is far more useful than the selfheal.

If you just play gems and ignore specials, you are doing it wrong :slight_smile:

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Of course not. I say it is based on gem combos, but not that i completely ignore special attacks.
You know very well that time in titan fights is a crucial factor, so you have to decide quickly what’s the best available move.
Even shoot a special may take away a good opportunity of combos, and between a yellow gem and a special, i take the gem no matter what.
Even if you are lucky and you have a good table how many specials can you shoot? 2 maybe 3 for each heroes? But you have other heroes, so you may not shoot everytime his special but instead others. And every time you shoot you have to loose a bit of time and take away your eyes from the table.

It’s really a close call between this 2 heroes, and maybe you are right, Joon may be more “a safe bet”.
I do think that out of 5 battles, probably Joon do a slightly better score on 4.
But the fifth you get a good yellow combos, Musashi simply outclass and gives you the better score you can do.

Maybe i’m just that kind of a player.
A player that wait for that wonderful moment when all goes in the right direction and you do a single perfect damage.

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How about Joon vs Musashi on raid defense? Any ideas on who would perform best?

Any ideas on whether Joon or Musashi would perform best on raid defense?

Looking at the 2 heroes at 3/70, neither one is that great. The reason is that both rely heavily on damage stat for effectiveness. They both need to be at max to truly shine.

That being said, Joon is more useful in ALL roles at 3/70 than Musashi. While neither one is going to be wrecking enemies, at least Joon blinds on every special. Musashi just does a little bit of damage and occasionally will self heal (his self-heal is REALLY weak on raid defense).