Joon or Ranvir?

Which should I level up first? Joon or Ranvir

Do you have Wu or Tarlak? If yes Joon.

If no, probably Ranvir, but maybe still Joon.

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I went with Ranvir but I think it depends on your roster. I have Tarlak and Joon as well at 3-70. My reason is Tarlak is getting monk emblems and I don’t have many good Druid class heroes

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I have all 3. I have Tarlak and Wu maxed out.

Joon without looking at your roster.

Then Joon would be a clear choice in my mind. I would need to see your roster to know 100%, but I’m 99% without looking.

If you want to send it to me Line: frathoss

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I have Wu and Tarlak and Ranvir. Ranvir is parked at 1/1 while I ascend Joon.

Because quality yellow hitters like Joon are rare.

As long as you have Wu or Tarlak, you should park Ranvir for now as well.

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