Joon or chao?

I got a joon out of the tc and can bring him to 3/70 but also have a chao on 4/70 → would you replace chao against him?

It has to be Joon - 100%

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Do you have mats for final for joon? If so, or if you’re close then Joon


Not yet just for 3/70

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Chao needs a buff and Joon is very powerful at 4* 3.70 .

My Personal Opinion

But the question is, should you level a 5* at this point?

See notes for an interesting discussion about leveling 5* Heroes for a F2P account.


Chao versus Joon

Leveling 5* heroes

I recently got Joon past 3*70 and only then used him over Chao unless I was happy to gamble.

He’s very much a glass cannon at that level and you have to balance the team or items to keep him alive.

Chao is sturdy and predictable.

I’ve got Joon to 4^50 this week and now there’s no competition.


Thank you! It will need a long Time anyway to Level joon… :slight_smile: