Joon not hit by Purple tiles in war attack

Hi…I want to post a short video with a scene from the last war…I attacked with a purple mono but Joon wasn’t affected by a combo with 2 purple tiles…He has to be dead, but the tiles didn’t do nothing to him

I can’t post the video…cam someone help me?

Thank you…

Anyway…the purple combo missed joon…I dont know how this happened

If someone interested , I have the battle registered…

It’s most likely because Quintus was blinded, and unfortunately the crit troops that is assigned to him must have been the ones hitting (or in this case, missing) Joon.

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Joon ability affects the attack not the tiles.

That’s not true. Blind effects both normal (slash/tile) and special attacks.


So…if it was justice in state of joon how did it end?All my combo would been blind or what?First time I see something like that and I’m playing for 2 years

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