Joon Food for Onatel

I have raid Today 7 times with Joon in my team at 3/70 and he “was” so week like he doesn’t have chance to fire before die and I decided to make him food for Onatel. I did print screen to show you all but unfortunately the site don’t alaud me to upload the fhoto. No heart felling. I glad what I did because Onatel is 100% stronger than him

Being one of the stronger, fast heroes in the game, you never should have fed him to anyone. I would suggest doing much more research before deciding to feed away Any 5 star in the future. I almost can’t even believe this is a real post as it seems so ridiculous it’s as though you’re just trying to get people riled up. If you’re serious, that was a huge mistake. The small gain you got from feeding him away could’ve been done with regular feeder heroes in no time. Just makes no sense. They are completely different heroes, both Very good at their respective jobs.


I did but unfortunately the site don’t aloud me to upload the picture,hi is a desaster,so easy to kill for any 4* max. I’m glad I did

and now I show you because I’ve try again and work

I hear Alby really sucks at 1/1 too.


Of course he isn’t great at 3.70. He is one of the best snipers at 4.80. LOL if you’re serious, though it’s such a ludicrous post I suspect it’s a joke post.


How can be a joke when I put the picture in?? Man is just a game you have to treat as a game and before I use to have 2 Aegir and I feed one with another because simply I don’t like to have 2 hero’s same,so I have nothing to lose

First world problem :crazy_face::joy:
Edit : 14K exp for a 3/70 5*, to be put in the probably useless but interesting fact about E&P🤔


You can always cancel the feed after the screenshot.

I wouldn’t do this even if i’m as high as Michael Kiske’s pitch voice.


Well I did not cancel and I have a video with this but the file is to large to upload on to show you all. I don’t understand why don’t believe the people when they say something like that?? Anyway I did eaven if you don’t believe and I can live without tjat Joon anyway

People don’t believe it because it’s unreal.

If you did it and don’t regret it that’s okay. Later on you will realize the mistake you made, you can never judge a 5* for its behavoir at 3/70 at that level most are just fancy 4*.


I just get irritated because In 7 Raid’s he doesn’t fire not eaven oanes so I just did it

Sincerely, I want to agree you did it, but tell me did Onatel choke and spit him out?


meah she loves that really

:rofl::rofl::rofl: very heavy meal… I see Wu near by she might love that as well.


Yes yes just like u fed kunchen and ranvir in the past get a life


Upload it to youtube or you’re lying. Honestly, these kinds of posts just make you seem like you’re starving for attention. Napoleon syndrome or something.

i fEd jOoN tO oNaTeL, lOoK aT mE, dUr…

When everyone knows you really didn’t.


Congratulations, you played yourself.

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he definitely has issues


He sounds like a real loser…

But I still want that loser

@OP RIP Joon…To each their own. Happy if Onatel works for ya! :hugs:


Yes my friend in that screen shot i show you hiw I feed Rigard with Kunchen. Well done. Some ppl just don’t believe and that’s it

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