Joon + Drake or Joon + Guardian Jackal?

In your opinion…should I level Drake or Jackal to be used together for an attack team? I just want to know what makes sense for optimal damage.

I have Gravemaker, Sartana, Alasie, and Joon almost fully ascended.

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Why not both? Triple stacking is very effective :slight_smile:
Level G. Jackal before Drake Fong, it’ll take less time and help with titan’s attacks.


I’m good on titans. I want optimal damage for raids. I’m also limited on ascension items.

Join and jackal are an amazing combo. Jackal first for sure.

I use all 3 in my attack team. Lvl 11 mana troop on Jackal and you have the tank gone in two moves often, one more move and you have Joon and Drake to combo to either finish tank, or start on the flanks.

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I don’t have Jackel unfortunately but would love all 3. Maybe 2 Drakes eventually when level will have the same kind of impact.

I am a low spender and haven’t gotten a HOTM since Natalya. No idea how 2 Drake’s found me. I won’t complain though.

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If you dont have Jackal for purple titans then you’re missing out. Works wonders on raids too.

Level Jackal first for sure.


Jackel has avoided me which sucks.

Maybe one day…haha


Thanks Guys…

Hello together, I need your help. I‘m not sure, which hero I should ascend.

Joon or Drake Fong.

I have the materials to ascend one to 4/80, the other to 3/70.

My offensive team is: Jackal, Rigard, Gregorian, Grimm & actually Drake at 3/70. The others are maxed.

My Defense team is: Drake Fong, Khagan, Gregorian, Rigard & Boril. All maxed except Drake.

Now at my Camp 20 Joon comes up & I‘m not sure, which of these two great heroes would be the better choice.

For titans, joon will be No.1 with Jackal. But in raids & wars ?!


From experience fighting teams with either DF or Joon, I do not remember Drake killing any of my team while Joon always got at least one.

heroes is not scaled based on " if they kill a hero or no" other wise guin is a bad defense hero she kill no one.

drake for me is better both def and off.

My thoughts are, that Gregorian is already my sniper.

Otherwise Drake deals 3 times 270% damage, joon one time 468%.

Hard desicion- both great heroes.

When a player does not have either, how else does he form an opinion?

Raiding, Drake is not even a speed bump.

i have both and both are fast heroes and i still prefer drake for his multi hits over joon but its all depend on your other heroes for me the other 4 i use is all snipers

If you have Jackal, then Joon is a great pairing, 1-2 punch, they have great synergy together.

Joon is better for titans and raid attacks while Drake for defenses and (a bit less) for titans.

Drake rarely does squat to me when i face a defense with him. As an attacker i would rather see Drake on defense than Joon every time.


Do you attack those Drakes with Aeron, right?

Joon and Drake are both great for offensive purposes. Joon would be better for titans (higher attack stat and % of damage output), and Drake for defense (though, Drake’s link can be nice for stacking). I have Drake and I love the splash damage and blind on three, though I think I’d ascend Joon first [if I had him].

Honestly, they’re both great heroes, so you can’t go wrong with either. I’d go Drake for the splash hit, or Joon if you want a solid sniper. My vote is for Joon, but either would do well with your setup. Joon + Jackal would be awesome paired together, while Grimm (+ Jackal) + Drake for the maximum damage on the splash hit would also be awesome


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