Jonah's Road Trip Mix Tape - World Tour Round-up 🗺️

Afternoon kids,

In order to keep life interesting I’ve been touring the virtual world of alliances and meeting lots of super people.

(My original recruitment thread is here, which I may reopen some time here)

Alliances I’ve met include

Ravens of Valhalla
Forsaken Oasis
Crew Rabid Wardogz
Guardians Heroes (and their chill alliance Guardians Valhalla)
Magnificent Bastards
Eos (sister of the magnificent Helios)
The Order of Gaia
Mystic Meadows
The Ghost Ship
The Pirate Horde
De Raptors

I’ve been made so welcome, even when my SO/apprentice Johanna had tagged along :wink:

At many of my stops, I’ve penned a verse or two.

I do have to admit rehashing my introductory verse for several alliances

But you’ll forgive me, right?

Some of the verses are specific to moments in war or particular characters, but hopefully a few of you will enjoy them.


All of the crews
There is but one
That the foe all fear
While Saders brag of glory
I’d rather be right here
They feast upon their enemies
And then they cry for more
And so I urge, cry Havoc!
And let slip the Dogz of War

I traveled hither
I traveled thither
I play the flute and strum the zither
The board of shields, my only home
Twixt war and titan now I roam
Every game mode I have mastered
But I always dreamed of being a Bastard…

Asmodean, thoust noble steed
Shall bear thee to thy slumber
To dream of loot a-plenty,
Feathers, dust and lumber
And when you rise
Thrice revived
Your heroes all we greet you
And when you fill your chest with raids
Your enemies will beat you…

I traveled hither
I traveled thither
I play the flute and strum the zither
The board of shields, my only home
Twixt war and titan now I roam
But there is one place supreme
For 'tis the home of Peachy Keen

Far beneath the stronghold tower
Quintus seeks to explore his power
Amidst the tubes of copper and glass,
He sets to work on his latest task
Feathers, bones, a sprig of geranium
Coriander and uranium
He stirs the brew and channels the thunder
Alas he has made a blunder
For the potion EXPLODES
And there at his feet
He finds his creation - an Atomic Parakeet

I traveled hither
I traveled thither
I play the flute and strum the zither
The board of shields, my only home
Twixt war and titan now I roam
I will shun all cowards craven
And seek the eyrie of the Raven
Strong defence and cunning attacks,
The smartest bird is Corvus Corax

Pulling troops of every colour
The summons are so mean
NVS, all she wanted
Was a 4
which was green
She pulled the Ents and went bananas,
flicked them to one side
For they do not boost your Manas
And bitterly she cried

Days did pass, some time later
The set was now complete
She pulled the emerald Infiltrator
What a mighy feat

Attitude casual
Banter absurd
Drinks by the pool
I’m on to my third

But cometh the war
Cometh the hour
Heroes align
With unlimited power

Judge us as prey
But your much mistaken
For you are defeated
And we are Forsaken

Thunderstorm are a-hunting
They set their target vector
To a seeming calm Oasis
And lock the prey detector
They are many might fighters
A strong defence erector
And their secret weapon
Is the hero they call Hector

The Oasis army charges
For they are the protector
Raising walls of shields
An arrow storm deflector.
With just eleven flags to go
They need one more connector
But where is the one they seek?
The mighty one named Hector?

Around the pleasant pool
He sips a Pina Colada
He’d rather have a drink
Than join the great armada
And hereby ends the tail
Of the hero they called Hector
He’s on our side after all
A benevolent defector

Behold the board
Fortune abroad
Grasp you sword
And join the lupine lair
With loot to share
Enjoy a stay
With the Wolf of Grey
See titans gored
And enemies floored
While loot is stored

I traveled hither
I traveled thither
I play the flute and strum the zither
The board of shields, my only home
Twixt war and titan now I roam
I’ll tarry 'ere
And dare to risk it
The sweet summer scent
Of the meadows Mystic.

Hand and glove
Foot and boot
Blade and scabbard
Chest and loot

Bow and arrow
Friend and neighbor
Iron and builder
Rook and Sabre

Traps and tools
Girls and boys
Gems and summons
Meadows and Toys

Guilds together
Mystically misfit
Friends Forever!!

I traveled hither
I traveled thither
I play the flute and strum the zither
The board of shields, my only home
Twixt war and titan now I roam
I’ve met many a Guardian guild
Iron is mined, ham is milled
Rising, Valhalla and Reborn
All from them I have foresworn
For the team I joined the latest
Is by far and above
The greatest!
Compared with these warriors stoic
The competition are protozoic
And so dear friends, a fond ‘farewell’.
I swear it’s not because you smell…


Many, many thanks to the likes of @RandaPanduh, @TGW @SupremeAlienRaptor @Ice_Saber @Math4lyfe @NVS @Kikyo @PeachyKeen @NPNKY @chadmo @ARQ @TangyHot @RicElDrac and some more I’ll remember in due coursen😆


The life of a bard is to travel and write songs about his experience.

I salute your adventures and look forwards to the next song


Jonah we were honored to war with you. You are a kind gentleman with a keen sense of humor. Johanna is a fortunate lady to have such a smart and thoughtful partner. Carry on Bard, continue blessing us with your patience and wisdom!


'twas amazing having you and Johanna visit us for a bit. Was a memorable war indeed, and we greatly enjoyed the banter in the in-game chat and the nice goodbye verse. Our alliance is generally shielded from the forums (only about a quarter actually on the forums), but it was great showing the rest of 'em some flavor of it!


Thanks for the visit, noble Bard,
Had I known you were coming, would’ve swept the yard;
Sorry if you stepped in poop,
We’re usually a nice clean group.


Thanks for paying us a visit! I never expected you to stay permanently. Never claimed I had the “best alliance in all the world”. It’s not, and was never meant to be. It was always meant to be a refugee camp for the downtrodden. And you’re the uptrodden. :laughing:

Was certainly an honor to have royalty grace us with your presence either way. You’re welcome back any time if you ever want a break from the hardcore grind of top level competition. :wink:


It was a pleasure having you dear Bard. :smiley: And Johanna is shaping up to be a mighty Guardian! May you have fair winds in all your travels :dash: :sailboat:


She said to explain that I’m the fortunate one. And she is quite right. send help…

I decided not to critique any of the alliances because everyone was so generous but I will say that Johanna enjoyed your gang the best and was very sorry to be dragged away :slightly_smiling_face:


Awww :blush:

We loved having you both! You’re both welcome to revisit any time, just tag me and I’ll “unlock the door”. :wink:


double aww :slight_smile: triple aww, maybe the memes honoring your visit helped!


Oh sleepy, that reminds me… in case they do decide to revisit sometime when I’m offline… I’m going to promote you to co-lead if that’s okay with you. That should enable you to be able to open the gates or post alliance messages when I’m not around. :wink:


I was very excited to hear you were there, then i wasn’t really on much. I did like your Wife and I read back in time as far as i could to see what i missed


of course! what an honor , thanks @TGW :slight_smile:


We truly enjoyed your stay with us at Mystic Meadows. It was nice finally meeting Johanna after hearing so much about “Mrs TheBard” in chat. That made the visit extra special.

The timing was perfect as it allowed you to celebrate the new “sister” relationship with Misfit Toys and the opening of our family chat lounge. (Your poems are framed and hung in an auspicious location.)

We had a lot of fun with the games, puzzles, challenges, refreshments and great company that week. Your participation was much appreciated.

It allowed us to emphasize why our members… Must like cake… And cats!

(I admit I’m also glad to see you heading home… As I have a presence in Misfit Toys too.)


Thanks for sharing your artistry and good cheer with us and the many others on your travels.



'Twas the days of the venerable touring Bard,
Choosing where to stay was not easy but hard,
I’m sad he didn’t pick us,
So I’ll swear and I’ll cuss,
But deep down, I know we were barred


You didn’t answer my recruitment thread, Hippo :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Where are you, for future reference?


Limerick, obviously :ireland: :laughing: :shamrock:

I merc these days, was just a bit of fun :grin: