Joke of the month - Alchemy Lab Vent Thread

So I gave Alchemy lab a chance after the last updates. I have 14 D-Blades and 14 Tomes which I wanted to convert to anythingelse with the last level of the lab. First I put in D-Blade, after 7 days guess what I got a Tome. Then I put in a Tome and today finally converted and guess again I got a D-Blade. 14 days wait, mats and gems for nothing… What a damn joke!


I feel your pain, it’s indeed ridicoulus.

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Well, I think for most people this change would have been pretty useful.

Most I know are short on one of them and would be really happy if they could swap a blade with a tome or the other way round.



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Atleast you got some alkashards out of it, hopefully you get something worthwhile from them. But this is truly horrible luck and I feel your pain.

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its incredible how this game sets everything against the player with the excuse “oh its random so you just got unlucky”, is it so hard to develop a way to let the player choose what she/he will get? or at least select 3-5 items so the result will be one of the selected items? Idont believe doing that would destroy the game economy/afect the meta, most of the players with advanced cities are already spending something on the game, VIPs, Path of valor, Gems …

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Lol that is the cherry on top, combined about 9 times until now and got one 4* AM, guess what it is lol


Wow, just wow… I always tell my friends, RNG is the greatest stand up comedian of all times. :rofl:


I agree with you. It’s a waste of time and a slap in the face for our time and resources. The E&P staff does not care about us. Maybe they should have random paydays.

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