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Lately we seem to get quite a few players joining and immediately opting out of our alliance. Is there some reason for this or is it just instant indecision? It’s rather irritating, but mostly I just can’t figure out why.

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Many of the alliances are losing players. I had my own alliance for 08 months and still with little success I left the team and preferred to unite with a more active alliance. The day will come that there will be no vacancies available in an alliance. Many are failing to play because it is so difficult to achieve their goal and the most complicated manages an alliance, where you charge players for the final rewards are rubbish

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Never cared when a player didn’t stay. They might have been looking at titan level or if a titan was being fought. Maybe the level of activity in chat or fighting might be important to them.

Whatever reason they had was theirs.


I agree with Bud, I think it’s often titan level, then activity in chat.


We’ve had rotating doors on a bad day - some people either dont like the look of the 9* or they have no idea what they are looking for. Our alliance is maintained at 30 when we do have people leave the spot is filled within a few hours.

I two accounts and the same maintained at 30 and filled within a few hours. Not fussed if people are moving on and up wish them the best.


My guess is they are mercing, checking to see where you are at with a titan, not liking what they see, and moving on.

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@mswiz happens a lot in our aliance, are they looking how active the chat is or the titan level we’re on?

My husband and I have had our alliance just over a month. We’re still fairly newbto the game, too. We try to chat and offer help, but due to the lack of thorough explanation on some aspects of the game (titans and wars) we’ve literally had to figure things out by sometimes devastating trial and error. I know many newcomers and some ‘long time’ members leave or don’t want to stick thier necks out for things they’re unsure of. For example, it wasn’t clear on titans OR wars that itvwas a group effort and the level of each player was irrelevant, since we all needed to pitch in. We lost one of our best players after the last (incomplete) war because some inconsiderate player who had a ridiculous number of raid trophies joined eight before the war, bumped us into a rank we were no match for, and wouldn’t participate or reply. If there was an option to put a range of trophies owned in the guild requirements, it would have helped a lot. I can see how it might be used as a war tactic by much more powerful guilds (not entirely sure it’s possible, but the person left shortly after screwing us over).
Ridiculously long story short, i agree that more chat is one reason (should have a language option in requirements for guild join too), but I think a huge reason is because many of the major parts of the game are barely explained. Many if our members wouldn’t play in the wars because they were anihililated, and did not realize that whatever damage they managed was still done when the next team had thier go–or that wars are point based. I kept hearing comments about “but I’m not killing it/them, but everyone else keeps beating it” (thinking it was a competition between guild members too). There either needs to be a much more in depth tutirial or help section. These days, attention spans grow shorter and shorter. If people don’t know therw is something to look forward to, and don’t see immediate gtatification, they will move on to the next thing. I suggest posting daily (minimum) in the chat area a welcome to the new members. Offer help and explanation. It has at least slowed our members from jumping right back out.

I, too, don’t care if they leave, I was just wondering if there was some nefarious reason behind it. Couldn’t imagine what it might be and I was just curious. Hopefully they’re just looking around but they don’t stay long enough to look much, it’s almost instantaneous. One more mystery of the game. Thanks everyone for your input.

Barb Davidoff

Ms. Wiz Eskies

Mercs will leave right away depending on titan. Some potential members will leave if it looks like you lost the last AW and are struggling with titans. When you recruit can be important…first impressions and all.

The strangest instance I’ve seen any one join our alliance was months ago in our old alliance where I was an Elder just grading papers then someone popped in, A rainbow 5* 4^80 team with Level 30 4* Troops.

Holy Smokes, Batman!

Probably stayed for about 30 seconds and left before most of the other management had chance to react. Thinking back, our alliance was a tiny, microscopic blip in the E&P alliance universe barely fighting 2*/3* Titans, why would a player of that caliber be interested in us at all (we were invite only had no trophy requirements).

Some thoughts went into mind, that was a beta account accidentally released RT or dev account making random drops checking things out (5* rainbows with 4^80 aren’t hard to see these days, but it is the level 30 4* troops that stood out). Didn’t have that player name written down or screenshots taken at the time, but just chalk it up to an anomaly and moved on.

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I always merced by invitation, but I do recall hearing that the rare merc would pop in and look for titans that would escape without last minute intervention. Maybe that was it?


I really can’t say for sure.

I think that was the time when the ability to merc wasn’t really toned down, but still, our alliance was small fries in terms of ranking and power level, and even before stepping into our alliance should give that player an indication that the Titan we were facing wasn’t really high on the food chain and thus loot shouldn’t even be interesting.

Again, what was interesting is all the max level 30 troops of that player and I’d say the time frame of that was probably around February of this year. Not sure how many players can manage to rush all his/her troops to level 30 without a significant amount of resources invested.

Yep that’s what is happening to us, but often.

Barb Davidoff

Ms. Wiz Eskies

Hey there, @mswiz and @artsy_fartsy_glammaw

Our new, small alliance has had growing pains as well. We have 8 total, 6 active, and just lost an active likely because we’re struggling with 3* Titans. I’m currently seeking input from the team regarding possibly merging with a like minded alliance.

  • Lone Hunters
  • Low and mid-level
  • Quiet folks who are friendly but tend to do their own thing
  • Not doing wars currently

What would you all think about joining forces?

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Hope your casual/training for newer alliance is working out for you, your goal with Lone Hunters is very similar to the premises of my alliance, where casual advancement with support is key and no pressure of having to immediately compete for the top.

Alliance Wars (before the opt-out functions were implemented by the developers) is one of the main reason I broke off from our previous alliance to start my own. We had absentee leadership and we were constantly losing wars and we were at risk losing our core of active alliance members because wars seemed like chores to them.

Our alliance is now fighting 4* and 5* Titans, whereas we were opting our alliance wars as a whole, but once individual opt-outs are made available, I kind of wanted to give some of our newer alliance members (some were in level 20s and have never joined an alliance before) chance for them to try out wars themselves to see if they liked it, so now we are giving those in our alliance those options. So out of our current 12 members, 8 are actively doing wars. It’s their choice, and they will be awarded for their efforts (e.g. War win/lose loot and War Chest).

Not all our members are chatty, and some are the silent warrior type (we have one member from our old alliance that hasn’t spoken a single word since joining, but still does his Titan hittings and never misses more than 2 Titans). We just want communication for long standing absenses to be addressed. We have a few members who are extremely helpful and some of us are always on for question answering. I’d say we are mostly adults with families and are usually respectful. Our turnover rate is also low because we don’t really need mercs.

If alliance mergers or reference for members to move up to is something on your minds, please let me know if you may be interested our alliance. Like I said, we only have 12 members, and aren’t really a top shooting alliance, but we do want to continue onto higher Titans, but do want active Titan hitters and those willing to grow. Kind of hard to attract top players when they are mostly looking for better alliances hitting tougher Titans to join.

Technicolor Minds is my alliance name - If you are ever interested, we do have a 400 trophy count requirement. But should be doable after a few raids.

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Thanks for the kind offer and the lowdown on your team’s culture; it sounds like a nice place to call home. Only 2 of our 6 active members would be close to the trophy requirement, and I couldn’t in good conscience move on without them having a good place to go.

Maybe all of us here could figure out a merging of alliances that would provide a good home for those under level 20 and one for those getting beyond that.

I’m open to ideas.

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Your being responsible to your alliance mates while maintaining the mission you set up to accomplish (e.g. casual learning, getting Titan loots while being able to go about your own business) is admirable and should be respected. As part of alliance growth, there comes a time when inadvertently one will inquire or wonder about the alliance wars feature, and to be successful in AW in its current incarnation is to be able to coordinate. With all the changes the developers made to the alliance wars, it does seem a bit more enjoyable (as evident that some of our older members who previously detested the alliance wars are now fighting in them). Even though I am the leader of the alliance, I still opted to not do wars but just serve as cheerleader/support for those that do. Probably because I don’t like Raids, and AW to me is like a giant raid party.

Any way, our growth rate hasn’t gone anywhere for a while (hence you see all the alliance recruitment post I made in that section of the forum) so our numbers are still kind of thin and always looking for more. If you would like to keep running your experiment for a while to see where that takes you, it’s a respectable decision. But keep in mind everyone kind of grows at a different pace even within the same alliance, even some of the more active ones might felt bogged down if there is are no progresses (like Titans faced) made. Hope you don’t lose someone who you know is a good, dedicated player elsewhere. Which, unfortunately, is something all alliances do face, big or small.

If you would like to wait for your actives to grow a bit stronger, we should still have room with how slow things are. Or if you think you are ready to move on and as long as your active alliance mates aren’t going to be deterred by stronger Titans than you are currently facing, I can talk with my co-leaders to see if they are willing to drop the trophy counts requirement a bit to accept your guys.

My stance when it comes to Titans is that there is no damage too small. Don’t feel like you are holding others back, no one can use that Alliance Energy other than yourself. You won’t stay “weak” forever as long as you actively play and grow/grind your heroes/base. Wars… I will leave that to our other members. :smiley:

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Thanks for the thoughtful reply and the offer to chat things over with your team. Of the 6 active members I would seek refuge for, I and 1 other clear your requirements, 2 would hit them soon, and 2 may take some time but are reliable contributors…assuming they’re not getting crushed by Titans. Actually, I wonder, does their Titan damage still apply if they don’t survive a given attack? So long as they can make the scoreboard, I think they’d be fine.

Take a look at our roster and tell me what you think. Below is my own profile for your reference. Thanks again!

We sure as hell would need such divine intervention sometimes… we kill all 4*'s 95% of the time but are not able to slay a 5* yet… had a few encounters with them, all got away…

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