Joining an alliance

What do people think? Is it better to be a weak member of a strong alliance or a strong member of a weaker alliance? I’m wondering if being a top scorer on a lower star titan is better than being a low scorer on a higher star titan.

Low scorer on higher Titan, provided it’s not too much of a strain: fight at your level.

The higher the star, the higher your tier starting out (8* grade c = Tier 8).

Okay, good. I can pretty much survive 1:30 minutes, but I do less damage than others on the team.

New to game and forum. Joined a battle with alliance but when it started I couldn’t do anything. My guys were on the board and it says I didn’t participate? Any ideas or suggestions?

You can see your defense team on the war battlefield?

yes, it was on the battle field before the battle started. I checked multiple times before the battle started. when the battle started I was still there but I couldn’t do anything. Now I am not showing up on the field and it says I never was a part of the battle.

Have you left the alliance since war prep started? Did you join before war prep started? What level are you?

nope. I found an alliance that was open and joined. There were so many by invitation only. I have been playing for about a week and I am level 13, team power 1479. Still a long way to go.

When did you join? If you joined after thursday night, then there’s a good chance you joined after war prep started

Troll Akademi is a teaching alliance for beginners only.

Come and learn. You will fight and win.

I just know as soon as it said open I joined and appeared on field. Just super confused. Sorry for taking up your time. Just enjoy a brain break from college.

Don’t even know how to do that.

Hit alliance tab. New screen can search. Type alliance name in search. When new screen appears, tap on alliance name.

Sorry for not responding sooner. Nursing school keeps me on my toes. Thanks I finally figured it out.

You can now opt out of a war so check the box “participate in war” to make sure it has a check mark in it. It can be found in your alliance tab and then your war tab.

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