Join Vexed - Active but laid-back alliance needs 7-8 members

Many members in this group have played together for four years. We are friendly and semi-serious. We participate in all events, do well in wars, and take down 11 & 12 * Titans. But, we have fun and recognize that E&P is not your top pirority.

We’d love to have a smaller alliance merge in, or take individuals who want to upgrade or want a more friendly alliance.

We’re still looking for a few daily players who hit titans and use all their flags in wars. We’d also be happy to merge a smaller alliance in. Come check Vexed out.

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Been playing for just a few months. See pic. Just kind of realizing my alliance is okay but not great. A couple of studs but lots of folks who don’t play regularly. Hoping to get a team that’s a little more active. Thanks

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Do you have discord?

We have a couple of groups on Line. You can look me up at dulok33

Vexed is an alliance of 21 members, many of which have been playing together for over 4 years. We are active, but friendly and laid-back. We ask that everyone use their war flags and use 3 flags on each Titan.

We are looking to fill out our roster by absorbing a small but active alliance of 5-8 members. We would also be happy to accept individuals.

Please come check us out at Vexed.

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