Join us. Valhalla! Recruits new brave people

Valhalla! With our keader katana Is a very active alliance and open its doors to new recruits

We are mostly grown up people man and woman and active and having fin with eachother at least once a day… We have system for alliance wars and we hit titans level five six heading seven…

We share knowledge with each other and eager to meet our nee recruits…

We accept from 600 cups up.

Our leader is katana which has 2200 cups usualy and 3650 level group

We search also for people who can give and teach and lead.

So why wait

Join now and see the world and conquer it!..

This should go into Alliance Recruitment part of the forum…

Moved to Alliance Recruitment section where it should be


Thanks, @Expired!

And @HyperLite, as a Forum Regular, you have the power to recategorize posts when they’re in the wrong place. Just hit the edit button (pencil icon) next to the title. :slight_smile:

Didnt know that untill Expired moved it…
Sorry for bothering you😉

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If you you like the game you will us

Join us. See the world and be ready to lose!

Sorry… win!

Yes. That definitely better. Win with us! And gave fun

Moved to Alliance recruitment, which is the right subforum for this kind of message


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