Join Trump Sucks!

Do you dislike Trump? So do we! Join us in Trump Sucks.

We are NOT a competitive alliance. Participate in war or opt out. Laid back group that gets life comes first. Come for the lack of stress and complicated war strategy, stay for the amusing banter and intellectual discussions.

Happy to help out new players, also home to some mid to higher level players. Everyone with common sense is welcome here.

Red tank for war.

No drama. Just fun.

Welcome to the forum. @AwesomeSauce42
Your alliance name may cause some issues with in the community of the fourm.

Iv sent a message to other staff members.

All other members of e&p fourm I don’t want this to turn into hate and pitchforks, move along nothing to see.

Let them try and recuit.

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Doesn’t want drama, but is already starting it with the alliance name and that comment alone.

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Exactly this, there’s plenty of Pro-Trump alliances out there for people who are interested in that. Just let these people recruit as well.


Hey all, definitely not trying to start any hate or pitchforks. We are truly open to anyone with common sense. Plenty of people from any political party have common sense. I don’t intend on responding to anyone trying to start an argument. Legit just recruiting for my alliance. You are welcome to do the same.

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Everyone who wants to object to this should do an in game alliance search on “Trump.” Once you do that you’ll see there are already a ton of alliances making a political statement by using names that are either pro or anti Trump. That shipped has sailed. If you are not going to allow this alliance to exist and recruit, then SGG needs to disband every alliance from every nationality/language that makes a political statement, and frankly that’s a whack-a-mole activity which I can’t see them taking on. Personally, I don’t want to mix my politics and gaming, but if others do, that’s their choice.


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