⚡ Join The Young&The Rest Of Us - 26/30 - fighting 12* titans


We are an international alliance, friendly and competitive. We just got 4 open spots recently, which we’re looking to fill with active and friendly players.

Alliance: The Young&The Rest Of Us
Status: 26/30
Cup requirement: 2400 2200

We are fighting 12* and 13* rare titans - a minimum of 100k or 5 hits is required.
War is not always obligatory, but if you opt in you must use all attacks.

Line is not mandatory but it is highly recommended, as we share various useful resources.


The end.

The tp of a defensive team requierd is at least 4200 .
Allso you must have 6 good teams for the alliance war which means 30 5*'s + 4*'s fully assended .

Still up to 4 members needed!
We have lowered the required trophies to 2200. Come join our family :heart:

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