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S.H.I.E.L.D is seeking 3 dedicated agents!


We are fun! S.H.I.E.L.D is a top 30, moderately competitve alliance with a focus on FUN & teamwork while climbing the leaderboard. We push top 100 during all alliance related events/quests. War strategy is simple. :yellow_circle: Yellow tanks :yellow_circle:

Mana Troops: 29, 23, 17
Full war participation
65+ Maxed 5*



Two seats available! :green_circle:


I can vouch for the peeps… Nice group of players.


There you are hahah that avatar :rofl:! Miss ya!

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Great Alliance Amazing Teammates …Join

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Full again! Waitlist open :green_circle:

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Come back anytime. You made Yoshi’s day lol :sparkling_heart:

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Thanks happy weekend I have everyones contact info and u have mine … cheers

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1 seat open! 29 Mana troops :star_struck:

Full again! Waitlist always open, message RB7D.COM on line :green_circle:

One seat open! 29+ mana troops! Contact line ID: RB7D.COM :star_struck:

Full again! Waitlist always open! :green_circle:

Check us out =) Line ID: RB7D.COM


Newish player here. Have two 5* (Topaz and Freya), plus a few 4*. Not maxed out, but going there (slowly).
I have been looking for an active alliance for several days now, but the ones I joined have people quit on the game for 800+ days (I know, I am late for the party).
Its true that I dont have a strong account for the time being, but working on it and the alliance would get an active player - too active according to my wife and kids.
Since the good/active ones are invite only and you have an alliance family, I am trying out my luck here.

Thanks in advance for the reply!


Hello Maxxwell! Thank you for the reply! You are off to a great start! Ya have some growing to do before joining here, but we have friends of all levels all over the game. I’m positive we can help you find a home until you’re ready to come up :hugs:

Most active alliances in Empires and Puzzles use line or discord. Line app is a green app and discord is discord lol Have you downloaded line? If so reach out to Line ID: AARZI OR Line ID: RB7D.COM



Hi again! Try these guys. Tell them Ricky Fury sent ya. I found them in game by typing Rising Bananas

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Thank you! I will do so later today, gotta install Line. No, it doesn’t take that long to get it done, but work trumps game :slight_smile:

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Real life first always :sparkling_heart:


…unless it’s war, then war flags first :joy:

1 Seat open, come on over! 29+ mana troops!

Full again! Waitlist always open, message RB7D.COM on line :green_circle:

We have a seat available! Come check us out =) Line Id RB7D.COM to chat!