Join the ~The OUTLAWS!~: **2 openings**


The OUTLAWS is an international alliance currently killing 8 star titans and war active. We are drama free and support each other through the game high and low points. Membership is open with a minimum trophy requirement of 1400 cups. Feel free to join and give it a try.


Still 2 openings in the Outlaws.
We expect from our members to hit the titan daily and to use all 6 war flags.


Full at this moment.


One open position ATM (at this moment).


There is still one opening. Please feel free to join us. No strings attached.


There are now 2 openings.


One opening left. Join if interested.


Two openings. We won the last war and open our war chests.


There are 2 current open positions. We just killed a 9-star titan.


We lost a few members. 2 openings at this moment.