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I know I talk for myself, but joining 7D Reborn is the best decision I’ve made this 2020. Hope to see more people willing to get stronger with us and help us keep our alliance on the top.


Still room for people who want to go war with us. Jump on in, the water is fine.


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Get your popcorn ready… 7DC: The Movie

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Nice new avatar @Mcblood. I’ve seen a few new ones recently. Not certain if the tipsy cow would look right branded. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

How is everybody’s war going? If you want a new place for some competition, come check us out. We’ll help connect you with the right alliance.

Looking for a new competitive home? Check out our alliances and let’s see if we can make a match.

Right now, the six competitive alliances are ranked:

  • 3 Departed
  • 15 Condemned
  • 16 Reborn
  • 17 Hinting
  • 22 Ascended
  • 58 Emerged

And players in 7d Uprising are still growing stronger.

Come join our ranks. And taste our pizza.


Trust me, none of you want the pizza! There are some people (who shall remain nameless … ahem … @littleKAF …) who put PINEAPPLE on it! Who does that?! :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


New spot comming up in Seven days Ascended in 3 wars.

Line: Error4T

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Does playing this game feel like a colonoscopy, but twice as expensive?

Are you bored and are all the players around you cheering your boring top scores of boredom?

Well sir, you need a change. Come join 7d where.your sg wallet colonoscopy comes with free cake and lomg random arguments about pineapple pizza.

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Just a reminder on how to apply.

Bumping this up for those thinking about a move.

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I hear 7D have shmucks like that Zero guy. He smells. And that Aqua guy, he just blows…


If interested in joining us, please reach out. If no spots, we can always add you to our waitlist.

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