Join the Seven Days Family (Departed, Ascended, Hunting, Reborn, Emerged & Uprising!)

Semi competitive hehe

  • Top70 in wars
  • Top 30 MT
  • (nearly) top 100 in MI - our next goal

The only telaxed thing yet is AQ. We are only going for top200. Give us better loot SG and we will go further…

Happy gaming in 7DU

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Oops let me edit that post

Dont worry we are ok with it - compared to Departed, we are semi competitive :blush:

Happy gaming

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One slot open!
We opened war chest after our victory today. Its a good moment to enter.

Contacts are:

Happy gaming in 7DU

P.S. If talking to X (Sitd), tell him you like Whisky and Pineapple Pizza!
If your troops and roster are ok you have the slot :innocent: :beers:

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#Recruitment 7D FAMILY

Cutest war flow template, guaranteed! Join the 7D Family :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Several spots in the 7D Family. Contact the recruiter via Line:

7D Departed: Humpo @HumpoPotamus
7D Hunting: Archon @Archon90
7D Reborn: Sassy @CarolinaGirl1979
7D Uprising: X @xSITDx
7D Emerged: Rayman @RaymanB

Happy gaming in the 7D Family. Cheers :slight_smile:

#SevenDaysFamily #GamingWithKindness #EmpiresAndPuzzles

Image credit: Empires and Puzzles | Edited: AlexaDylan.