Join the leave?

Any ideas why someone would join an alliance only to leave it not long after?

I get someone may join and leave periodically but I have noticed this happens alot.

Am I missing something? Is there some benefit to do this?

Only if they attack a titan who’ll be defeated.

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Some people don’t want to be part of a steady alliance but still want to get titan rewards so hop in and out of open alliances to get loot. They can even fill their titan chest faster since it is only disabled for 12 hours after switching alliances.

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Do you talk to them before they enter? I.e., do you tell them that your alliance:

  • Fights x lvl Titans
  • Has PG (or R) rated conversations
  • Doesn’t do War
  • Does do War
  • Doesn’t allow cup dropping
  • Does allow it
  • Requires Line or other outside chat app
  • Expects them to increase team power
  • Fill in the blank

There could be any number of reasons they jump. We try to talk to them a bit first and tell them what to expect, so there are no surprises.

Most of them do not stay around long enough to even say hi. I assume they just pop in to see the state of the titan then leave.

Since AW and less mercing I have noticed a lot less of this like maybe 1 per week where it used to be 10-15.

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If it disturbs you, you can always change your alliance to Invite Only, but I would think it better to have an open door policy if you are trying to attract new players. :wink:

I used to pop in to see where titan was. I used this as I use raiding: for resources. Every once in a while, I would stay waiting for another flag to ensure titan died.

I never thought it was a good idea to look for a home by dropping in to visit the new in-laws. All I ever thought to look at was how many members attacked, and how many flags/time did they commit.

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