Join the ★ KING OF THE NORTH ★ Wolves of the North and KOTN Top Alliance Family. We have alliances for all levels of titans 9*- 14* and the playing style fit for you. Check latest posts

We will have some spots available in Wolves of Winterfell. Come chat to us to find out more.


Kira, couldn’t we update also the original text? As we are now streaking 14* and we are top 30-60?

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I updated some. I will try to get updates from all alliances to update all the text

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Come join a high performing family with no tolerance for drama.

We are 9 alliances strong and our aim for 2020 is to secure 5 permanent spots in the Top 100 and prioritise growth of our existing members.

To help us achieve these, each alliances have set requirements and goals that must be met. Each members’ performance will be closely monitored and are expected to be accountable for their own performance.

However the great thing about our family is that we will actually look after you and give you all the support you need to become a better player. Each of our alliance has different requirements that will suit different styles of play. So come chat to us today, we would love to hear from you.

Our alliances include:


(LINE: Julia-north)

  • 2400 Cups

  • min. 25+ 5* Heroes

  • 4500 AW Defense

  • Streak 14* Titans

  • GOAL: Maintain Top 10 and kill titans. Members are expected to be highly competitive.


(LINE: ronandex501)

  • 2400 Cups

  • 20+ 5* Heroes

  • 4400 AW Defense

  • Streak 14* Titans

  • 150k Titan Hit (7-Day Average)

  • GOAL: Push into Top 20 and kill titans before 7hrs mark. Members are expected to be highly competitive.


(LINE: Mafia Princess or beezzerpw)

  • 2400 Cups

  • 15+ 5* Heroes

  • 4200 AW Defense

  • GOAL: Top 100. Members are expected to be competitive and active.


(LINE: ronandex501)

  • 2400 Cups

  • 12+ 5* Heroes

  • 4250 AW Defense

  • 110k Titan Hit (7-Day Average)

  • GOAL: Push into Top 100 and kill titans before 7hrs mark. Members are expected to become competitive, with potential to advance to Wolves.


(LINE: ronandex501)

  • 2200 Cups

  • 10+ 5* Heroes

  • 4100 AW Defense

  • 110k Titan Hit (7-Day Average)

  • GOAL: F2P/C2P alliance. Grow into Top 100. Members are expected to become competitive but at a slower pace.


(LINE: ronandex501)

  • 6 Full War Teams

  • 3500 AW Defense

  • 60-70k Titan Hit (7-Day Average)

  • GOAL: Remain as casual mentoring and training alliance. Members can train up and advance into Knights. Members are still expected to remain active.


Active training alliance looking for active players of any level willing to learn and grow with core group of experienced players. We require daily participation but flexible for RL.

Currently fighting 9*-10* titans

Requirements: Open in game. 2000 cups. All flags used if opting into war. Line app use preferred but not required.

Leader: Oddbogeyman

Line ID: oddbogeyman


(LINE: josephkay or julia-north)
Casual/Relaxed Alliance having a good mix of longtime experienced members and newer players.
Several KotN retired/ Alt accounts are hanging out here.

Currently fighting 9* - 11* titans while chilling, training and having fun. Alliance wars is optional, but members are expected to use all flags if not opting out.

Open to join in game when not full


(LINE: ronandex501)

  • Holiday, resisting, retiring? This is the place for you if you’d still like to remain part of the family.

The Winterfell family is a family within the KotN family, having a shared leadership and members moving up for up higher level alliances.
KotN, KotN Peace Warriors, Desculpa and White Lotus have independent leaderships and policies. Members can apply to move to a different alliance within the family.
Members of all the family alliances are high on the list, if meeting basic requirements.
We all help each other and have a great friendly and drama free community of shared chats.

All KotN/Winterfell alliances share Line groups for game advice, strategies, General game chat and off- topic fun.

Feel free to reach out to join our awesome family :slight_smile:


I am in Wolves of Winterfell and I believe it is most relaxed top 50 alliance.
I joined in summer. We somehow effortlessly climbed from top 120 to 38th alliance (right now) and climbing further. Completely drama free. Nice people and great results. Love it here.


Wolves of Winterfell will have a spot open after war. Come be part of the pack!


Spot have been filled in Wolves but if you still want to join us, come joined our competitive sister alliance - Knights of Winterfell. Members who show promise has a chance to move up to Wolves.

One spot will be available after war in Knights of Winterfell. We track both titan and war data to help our members improve and grow.


One spot still available in Knights of Winterfell.

Come join a high performing family alliance where no war flags are left unused and you’ll be given all the support you need on titans, wars, tournaments and events.

Best of all, we still are able to have fun and remain drama free.

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Looking for a new and progressive alliance after the war? Come check out the Winterfell /King of the North family.

We have an alliance for all playstyle and we will give you all the support you need to become the player you want to be. Or just join one of our competitive alliance and come along with us on the journey to Top 100.

Come chat to us today!


King of the North is looking for 1-2 top players to join us.
This is a rare chance of joining one of the longest time top alliances in game. It is not often we are having members leaving if not for extended breaks or retirement. We believe that is due to our great teamwork, support, fun and relaxed - no drama atmosphere, even against the greatest challenges in game.
We are having high requirements for heroes, troops and emblem levels, to match other top alliances in wars. It is just as important for us that new members fits well in personally, as we appreciate members to stay for long (if not coming for a visit, what is appreciated as well).
If having interest in a spot either now or in the future please reach out on Line: julia- north


Come join a high performing family where we take members performance very seriously.

Wolves of Winterfell may be full now, but we will open up a space for the right fit.

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We have at least one opening due to people cutting back due to real life issues.

After being in KOTN, I have never wanted to leave because the alliance is competitive but not rigid, largely in part to Julia’s steady hand. We are looking at folks who are strong in war but can add other things to the alliance, whether it is a sense of humor, game knowledge, etc. The vast majority of us have between 30 and 60 maxed 5* and minimum 23 mana troops in all colors (some have multiple of 29-30)…but personality is as important as strength. We still have some FTP players and most of us continue to grow in both knowledge and heroes. We string 14* titans like everyone else and our ranking averages in the bottom part of the top 10.

Contact julia-north on Line if interested.


Helloooo can I enter the wait list?. I’ll put here my top 30, most powerfull heroes.


Hi @Raghstpart:

You have a very nice roster. Please contact Julia on Line at julia-north.

Good luck and I hope we see you soon!


OK. Done. Thanks… 20 thanks

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KotN plays against Top 10 alliances. If you feel ready to try a new challenge come and join us.


Come join our Alliance!

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Come check out Knights of Winterfell. We streak 13* with the odd one or two 14*. Members in Knights can grow and be promoted to our Top 20 Wolves of Winterfell alliance.

We pride ourselves on being drama free and we will give you all the support you need to grow.

Come chat to us today to find out more: LINE ID - ronandex501

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Desculpa is looking for new members, having some leaving due to RL issues. I had a break from KotN the past 2 weeks spending some days there. I can higly recommend it for mid- high level players looking to play casual, but daily active. Wars are optional. 9*-10* titans.
Low stress alliance, with a lot of very experienced members chilling, having fun and supporting for game improvements


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