Join The General's Misfits during OPEN Recruitment

The General’s Misfits recently completed a reorganization and are embarking on a fresh start. Looking for active players, we have plenty of room. We are chatty, supportive, and helpful.


  • Tackling mostly 7* Titans, working our way back to 8*
  • Must use all your war flags & participate in all Titans.
  • Must read/participate in chat during wars, Discord is optional.

We are looking for a main TP minimum of 2800, we have a low trophy minimum, and you need a full 6 war teams. Questions are welcome, both here & in-game. Join up and be part of a great team!

Our new Titan just appeared. Come get a fresh start with a great alliance and a rare 7* thunder unicorn!

Yeah a great team. I joined a month ago and has been a good supportive team. Come build up with us.

Openings still available, 7* Titans, come check out this alliance!

Always looking for active players looking for a fun alliance with a plan to get stronger.

Closing per request of OP via flag.

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