Join “The Battle is Won”

Alliance Name: THE BATTLE IS WON

Number of players: 28/30

Cup Requirement: 0

Daily players from around the world looking for quality players. Our levels range from 22 through 45. Normally battling 7* Titans, with the occasional 8*. War is optional. If Opting in, just do your best with what you have and use as many flags as possible. Group chat uses “Line” app. Our team gives lots of help and encouragement. Join “The Battle is Won”. My Line ID: ohanajewels

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Great Alliance teamwork and communication. If there’s any question you may have, there’s usually an answer and sometimes additional attachments like screenshots, videos, spreadsheets, etc to help you advance. Your success is everyone’s success. Message with any additional questions or see you in the game hopefully soon.

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