Join the All-Star Squadron!

We’re a dedicated team of international, experienced players who believe HOW you play is at least as important as your roster. If you’re interested in a supportive, egalitarian, non-toxic and safe environment that promotes and supports diversity and does not tolerate intolerance, join our superhero team!

Game rules are simple:

  • Active, daily participation and commitment to growth
  • Respect and support your teammates, and help them be the best they can be
  • Communicate! Let us know if something comes up to prevent you from playing
  • Use all AW flags and follow the strategy set out by AW generals
  • Hit the titan but don’t waste flasks or mats – save them for when we need them as a team

We are currently looking for 2 (TWO) players, DT 3800+, trophies 2000+. 6 AW teams a must, but can be cleanup crews. Line is strongly preferred. We are also looking for like-minded alliances with whom we can form an association or House with.

If interested, please reply to this message or contact our recruiter via Line at blazzinqueen. :boom:

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