Join the Akkadian family - 3 alliances for every type of player

The Akkadian family of alliances, one of the top families ingame, is recruiting. 3 alliances destined for all types of players, of all types of TP, ready and willing to be part of a community competitive yet tailormade for all tastes.

  1. Do you have 3400+ TP and want to fight 9-10 star titans? Then Akkadian Inception is looking for new players. An alliance of hardcore gamers reaching towards the very top, yet still willing and able to give everyone a hand in achieving this dream. Be part of our elite group today!

  1. Do you have 3000+ TP and want to fight 8 star titans? Akkadian Elysium is an alliance of balance and positive reinforcement, destined for players who want to experience the game in a more relaxed environment, while still being competitive. You’ll find a lot of friendly players here ready to help you in achieving your potential !

  1. Under 3000 TP but still wanna be a part of the team? Akkadian Cocoon is a well-established training alliance destined for those who, even though still small, want to commit to being part of our family of players. Currently fighting 4-5 star titans, you’ll get the tools you need later on in the game here!

So waste no more time and join our always growing teams today! We’re looking forward to having you amongst us!

Line account preferable, but not mandatory. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact ashearasaga or horticulturebraeburn.

Still looking for 4 players for Inception, 2 players for Elysium and 5 players for Cocoon. Come get your seat while it’s warm!

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