Join Sherwood Rogues! Hitting 12*-13* titans and 100% war flags usage in last 18 wars

Sherwood Rogues is a friendly, well-established, English-speaking alliance.

About us:

Top 500 alliance ranking

Stable, knowledgeable player base with a lot of experience and always learning and listening with a collaborative spirit.

12-13* titans

We expect and get 100% war flags used for members opted in

Great Discord group discussions and resource sharing

It’s been a while since we had to recruit, but as of this posting we have a member has moved to our more relaxed sister alliance.


The Rogues would prefer candidates with over 4.2k defense team power. Current alliance members ranges in power up from 4000 to almost 4600.

8+ max 5* heroes and 25+ max 4* heroes required

Pay attention to chat banners, hit all titans, use war flags if opted in.

Reach out to me here, or discord Rodek#6114. Alternatively, we are open so you can search Sherwood Rogues (leader Zildjian Zaviir) and join online if you fit the bill. If not please respond here or msg me on discord or LINE by Id emz19 (Rodek)

Thanks for reading!

Admin, please do not merge with previous posts. It was getting too busy to clearly see what the current information was.

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Raising up to top. Respond here, check us out and join online as we are open, hit me up on discord or LINE with questions.

In need of one! Find us online with leader Zildjian Zaviir and join if you meet the qualifications!

Help us extend our current 9-3 war run, and kill the current 13* titan. Find us online or discord Rodek#6114 or LINE: emz19 (which shows as Rodek). You’ll be hard-presses to find a better group.

Spot is filled. Thanks for reading!

We have yet another long time member who has retired. Looking for one member, requirement above.

Is the use of Line and / or Discord required?

Not required, just recommended. Sorry for the slow response, we just filled up again.

No problem, thanks for the response. I am an avid player, always hit Titans and all war flags. Not really interested in the chat apps, my current alliance is stuck and we are not progressing, limited participation. I am level 73 and would like to contribute to higher and more challenging Titans and Wars. Maybe something will open up later, thanks again!

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If you didn’t already find a home, we have an opening again. Can find us online and hop on in.

Ok a bit more shuffling around, we now need 2 recruits. Reach out to me preferably in line or discord, or if you need the criteria find us online and hop on in.

Join us after this upcoming war. Easy going great group with competitive spirit!

Searching for 2 people at this point. Contact via LINE or discord above, or find us online if you think we look good, and we are open right now with 2200 trophy min.

Seeking a recruit, contact me or check us out online. Line: emz19 comes up as Rodek, discord Rodek#6114, or ingame Sherwood Rogues with leader Zildjian Zaviir.

Been in Sherwood Rogues for about 6 months now. Wish I would have come sooner. In my opinion, perfect balance of competitiveness and fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, except for when we are killing titans and usually winning wars. I would think we are more laid back than most alliances of our level. Never any drama, just lots of fun. If you are laboring in an alliance you should have left months ago because people don’t use their flags or you are almost a level 45 hitting 7 star titans like I was, join us. You won’t be sorry. Great group of people to learn even more about the game from.

Still looking for 2 more. Join us.

We know you are out there. We are an open alliance. If you meet the requirements, why not check us out. If it’s not a good fit for you, no harm no foul. I have a feeling most players would enjoy themselves in our alliance.

Putting this back to the top. Looking for 2 players to be part of the team and help us work though a new war chest. As mentioned, we get 100% flags used and use proven strategies to win. We are still right around rank 500 as alliance even with two players short. First come, first serve!

In search of recruits! Join the Rogues.

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