Join Sherwood Rogues - 100% War Participation and 10-11* titans

Sherwood Rogues is a friendly, well-established, English-speaking alliance looking for one recruit currently.

We require that you pay attention to alliance instructions and use all of your war flags if you are opted in. We expect and get 100% of war flags used. All members periodically vote on war strategy adjustments like tank color and other things you can discover by joining.

We also use discord for offline chat and media sharing.

The Rogues would prefer candidates with over 3400 defense team power, and need one recruit. Current alliance members ranges in power from 3500-4300+, but you can be smaller if willing to learn and grow. We are mostly killing 10* titans.

Reach out to me here, or discord Rodek#6114. Alternatively, we are open so you can search Sherwood Rogues (leader Zildjian Zaviir) and join online if you fit the bill.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

Still looking for one recruit!

Hi Rodek.
Are you still recruiting?
Am at Level 58. TP around 4177. I hate losing war due to unused flags or see members who does not hit Titans. Active player.

I’m not Rodek, but I’m a member of this alliance. Yes, we have one open spot still. Come on by, and join us. Tell 'em “Hue” sent you.

I had been playing with a pretty low-key alliance for over a year before joining the Rogues. But as soon as I did, I knew I was home. This is a great alliance, friendly, helpful, but serious about using war flags.

Sorry I hadn’t gotten a notice, so I missed your reply. If you are still looking, please feel free to find us ingame and join

Once again, apologies.
Was under the impression I was not a good fit…
I have joined another Alliance.

Our fault, you would have been great. If things don’t work out please reconsider us.

Need 1 recruit, feel free to check us out for anyone else out there!

We have an opening again. Looking for one brave soul! Find us!

Big war win, starting on a new war chest…good time to join the Rogues! Look for us online and if you fit the bill hop on in.

At 29/30, you can be number 30!

To the top for visibility

Ok, now we need 2, probably 3. Plan on using war flags if you come!

In need of 2 brave heroes!

Merry Christmas! Give yourself a great present and join our group!

Search us online, take a look at the team. I think we are a great group of active, communicative players. If that’s you, please join us.

Now adding 11* titans to our list of accomplishments. Be easier to do consistently if we had a couple more solid members.

In search of a few recruits.

Rodek, I sent you a friend request on Discord to discuss possibly joining. :slight_smile:

Responded! And we are full up again. Anyone else interested please reach out me.

Looks like we are going to have some retirements and openings soon! Find us online and if not full hop on in. If not, message me here or discord and we should be able to get you a spot:

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