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As the leader of Fraggle Rock, I recently had a situation where a player in the Alliance Recruitment chat who I reported as “Inappropriate” requested to join our Alliance.

Before I was able to decline, one of my
Elders clicked “Accept” and I was promptly forced to boot this player creating an awkward situation with my member.

☆ Give Alliance Leaders the ability to set “permission” levels for join requests by using a series of checkboxes located in Alliance Settings…

□ Leader
□ Co-Leader
□ Elder
□ Anyone {ALL boxes get checked}

As it stands, my understanding is that Elder and above can accept join requests. My issue with this setup is a member not involved in the recruiting process can make a recruiting decision. In the past, I’ve had to post chat messages announcing “I’m going recruiting now and only leadership is to accept join requests” which is both time consuming and inefficient.

I hope this idea resonates with others and is given consideration :slightly_smiling_face:

In our alliance we don’t use the title elder. We have a leader and co-leaders who, being active and knowledgeable, are considered as having “working titles”.

Any decisions made regarding recruiting and inactive members are done in discussion with each other, using a separate discord server.

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Thanks for your input! I use Elder because it acts as a buffer level for demotions. When a new member demonstrates a willingness to be active in the Alliance I promote them to “Elder”. It’s a way to formally accept and celebrate them. On the flipside, if I’m having issues with an Elder I can demote them and post a message in the chat explaining why. This serves as a soft (but effective) warning with the next step being removal from the Alliance. The Elder (non-working) title is an important tool for our Alliance, but being able to accept join requests is an action that should be restricted to leadership :slightly_smiling_face:

The devs definitely do read #ideas-feature-requests, so I’m sure they’ll consider your proposal.

It sounds like you generally don’t want your Elders accepting invites. While a new feature providing more fine-grained control would be nice, it sounds like maybe some of your people shouldn’t be Elders. If I were in your shoes, any Elders who accepted join requests after I’d said not to would be getting demoted.


Thanks Garanwyn!
Pleased to hear the developers are open to suggestions. I consider Elder a “non-working” title between member and leadership. They’re only promoted with due consideration, and disagree that some shouldn’t be Elders. For newer Alliances it would be fine for an Elder to accept a join request because at that stage you want to secure as many new members as possible. However, as the Alliance matures and it’s needs change, the ability to adjust accordingly is not reflected in the current setup. The addition of permission levels would allow Alliances to configure this based on their stage of development and specific needs :slight_smile:

I think elders being able to accept new members is less of a problem than them being able to kick out a member.
As that is an action you can’t easily undo.


Thanks Aggoras!
Elders have that kind of power!? I was completely unaware. Why is that title allowed to carry out such a significant (and irreversible) action? Your message gave me chills knowing the possible implications.

Your concern could be alleviated by combining it with my original idea and creating an Alliance Settings action grid.

If the developers want to keep this REALLY simple, restrict join requests and the ability to kick members to Leadership. Done :slight_smile:

I also use Elder as sort of a active promotional tool which envoles demotion should a warning be required.

Now with the newly added current feature message it allows elders to edit it as well.

Although every member in our allience knows their place and won’t interfere with anything I have put into place and nor would they dare kick anyone out without discussing it first with me or my 2nd in charge, I reckon this new feature message box has provided a good reason to either add a new role between member and elder or at least remove the elders role to demote or boot players only allowing them to use the feature message box.

I feel 2 roles being leader and co-leader are more than sufficient to control members.

Having said that our allience isn’t set to invite either and if it where I would make it clear that all accepted invites are subject to my or my 2nd’s approval and that those new members should warned of this upon being accepted by the accepting member.

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Because it’s the intended purpose of the role, as the developers envisioned it:


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Thanks Ozy!
Happy to hear I’m not the only one using Elder as a promotional tool. I feel the current role structure is perfect just the way it is, however, the Elder permissions need to be tweaked. I was unaware until you mentioned it that Elders could modify the Featured Message furthering my push to modify the role parameters.

I absolutely agree the leader roles are more than sufficient to manage the Alliance. The idea of having to verbally tell Elder members not to accept join requests seems a bit silly. It’s enough of a challenge just getting some members to read the chat.

I appreciate your input and curious to see where this goes :slight_smile:

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Thanks zephyr!
I appreciate this may have been what the developers originally envisioned, however, ideas should evolve as required.

For example, after chatting with numerous players in Global, many don’t have a clear understanding of what the role of Elder entails. Immediate promotion to Elder is a common bribe used for recruiting purposes. Scary stuff knowing the power Elders have. Some Alliances don’t use the Elder role at all as outlined by an earlier response from @princess1. Did the developers envision a role that people would abuse for recruiting or not use at all? I doubt it.

Let me be clear, the role structure is PERFECT just the way it is, I’m not disputing that. I just feel that Elders shouldn’t be able to affect the Alliance similarly to the Leader. My vision for the Member/Elder role is as follows…

Member - New recruit. Unproven in the Alliance. On ‘probation’ until they meet minimum requirements at which time they are promoted to Elder or kicked if they aren’t the right fit.

Elder - Proven member. Has demonstrated an interest and commitment to the Alliance. Actively participates in Titan & War. Non-working role that becomes your pool of leadership candidates. Can also be used as an active promotional tool which involves demotion should a warning be required as @Ozy1 mentioned.

What I’m getting at, is there’s currently no transitional zone between new member and leadership. Right now it’s all or nothing. The issue is there are members that are not “all” (leadership) and not “nothing” (new recruit) and the game doesn’t accomodate for that.

This could easily be solved by outright revoking the current privileges afforded to Elders. The other option is to implement the idea I proposed in my original post to allow Alliances the freedom to customize their roles as they see fit.

Thank you for allowing me the space to share this with you :slight_smile:

You’ll be pleased to know with the release of Version 22.0 today (June 11th), Elders are no longer able to Kick members or control the Featured Message and presumably unable to accept Join Requests (please confirm). Thank you @Aggoras, @princess1 and @Ozy1 for contributing to this thread and helping to affect change. A special thank you to @Garanwyn and @zephyr1 for moderating the discussion and helping get this topic the attention it deserved. Lastly, I am indebted to the developers for listening to our ideas and taking them into consideration. Thank you for constantly striving to make E&P such a wonderful game :slightly_smiling_face:


Elders never were able to do this. It was always co-leads and above.

There’s nothing about it in the release notes. But if I hear a report one way or the other, I’ll definitely let you know.


Thanks Garanwyn!
My wife is an Elder in our Alliance and and can confirm the following from the Version 22.0 release…

  1. Join Requests - Still able to accept :poop:
  2. Kicking Members - Privileges revoked :partying_face:

How then was I able to change the Featured Message using her phone prior to the update?

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