Join: Rebellious Farts 11/30 . 16/30 now!5000 power teams 2000 cups

We have 16 strong members now, but simply need more members to grow. If you have 4500-5000 power defense, use all Titan and War flags we’d love to have you.

Join- Rebellious Farts

3 new members joined. If you are looking to grow or merge, contact Rebellious Farts.

Would you consider joining us to max out yours and ours teams. We are a family of 5 alliances. Our main alliance rook a big hit with the new game changes.
We offer shared leadership, 14star titans. Consistent war flag usage. And an extensive library full of game info we share with over 500 members .
We are a relaxed yet competitive team of players .
The library we will share with you just for visiting our discord server abd having a chat . Yours to keep and use rather you decide to join us or not.
Just hit the link below and it will bring you to our welcome channel where we can chat and you can access our library

We are East of the Equator. We currently have 9 spots open but we have some ready to move to our lower alliances so we could put all of you on our main team.

We are trying to grow our membership and aren’t ready to merge yet. Thanks for your generous offer. Teams look strong.

We are up to 14 now. :slight_smile:

Join us future friends! :slight_smile:

15/30 now. Get em while their hot!

10-11 star titans
FFA war
2000 cups
You could be next?

Hope to see you soon.

Sir Namron

Down to 15/30. Booted one for not using war flags and communicating.
We are a nice group though. Just need to do your part.

This could be your home. Active and adult international clan. Do your part (Titans and War) and all is good. Discord is available. Come check us out! We don’t bite!
Sir Namron

I’ve some alliance mates looking to get back into some bigger titans,bigger war fields and quest. We’ve been laying low for a bit. We’ve been together a long time through various alliances,leaderships,mergers. Strong seasoned players. We’re old but not too horizontal! We’re looking back into a possible merge. We’re Exiled2.0 and all co-leads.