Join Phoenix Song for a good time. ;-)

Look for Phoenix Song with MissyLou as the leader. We’re laid back and fun. We fight 5 & 6 star Titans. War is always optional as long as you opt out when you can’t use at least 3 flags. We have plenty of experience, and we’re willing to help newcomers grow. Come check us out!

Good luck in finding an alliance for you! :kissing_heart:

@C1oudez we’d love to have you join us!

Thanks to those that are joining us. Everybody counts!

We’re growing slowly and steadily!

@Yma , consider joining Phoenix Song if your current alliance isn’t working out.

@Emmy1 , I like the looks of BadgersBastards. If we ever have overflow, I’ll send them your way.

I think our new slogan is going to be opt out or hit heavy. :fist:

There are 4 spots open.

@Emmy1 Did BadgersBastards merge?

Could anyone tell me how to use colored font I the in-game chat?

[Color:green]"I can’t even figure out color on this forum. "

Hello yes a clan merged with ours went really well . we are now storm cloud badgers we are looking for active members with at least 400 trophies still having fun how are things with you

Life’s good here. People are joining us; we hover around 23 or 24 members. I’m impressed that you pulled off a merger! I hope all continues to go well for you.

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