Join Paisley Power. We have all the cookies!


Looking for a fun new place to hang your helmet? Are you tired of lack of contribution or too much pressure?

PAISLEY POWER is an active and entertaining group of people who want our Alliance to be comfortable and supportive. Everyone contributes and adds to the fun!

We have a strong group of long-term core members who have a good time together killing titans and fighting wars.

We also have cookies. All the cookies.

Join today while supplies last! :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

We’re killing mostly 9* titans, sometimes an 8* after we let one go. Team power of 3400~3600+ will put you in a nice spot in the middle of our alliance; That’s a negotiable target if you are close to it, and we’ll happily take members who are stronger!

Please contact us if you are interested, or apply for an opening in game. We use Line for extended chatting, and you can also contact us about openings there, or reply to this topic. If you are interested but we aren’t showing an opening, please contact us anyway–we don’t post potential or upcoming openings until they happen.

I’m line ID barrywuzhere and our feisty leader has line ID Jester2009

Ooops, I meant fearless leader. Really I did. Really!

EDIT: I’m soooooo done editing this post to say how many openings we have! Read the title and our last responses! :grin:

How Broken is Recruiting?
Looking for a new alliance - Active player

Hello, Barry. I see that your alliance is full now. However, if you ever have 2 spots open, I’d be interested in joining.

My hubby and I have been looking for a new alliance. Both currently have 2700 power teams. (I see that might be a bit on the low side for you, but we are daily, active players, and I’m sure we can get there :slight_smile:.)

I really like the way you write, and your description of your alliance sounds like what I’ve been hoping for. We’ve started to outgrow our current alliance, and I would love to find a place we can grow and contribute.


Have a couple :cookie: :fortune_cookie: on us for now, @Lila_Ann . Yes, we are full today, and at around 2700, you would be coming in around the bottom third of our alliance. (3k+ is a general target, not a hard-and-fast rule.)

We do have openings fairly often. I’ll post here again when we do.

If we have just one opening, would one of you like to come over first? Assuming things work out, I’m sure we could hold our next opening for the other one of you.

Thanks for your interest!


Thanks, Barry! It sounds like it would be a good fit if the opportunity comes up. Since actually playing the same game and being in the same group as the husband is a real novelty for us, I’d wait for two spots. :):slightly_smiling_face:


UPDATE: We have one opening right now in Paisley Power, as I type!

@Lila_Ann, I think I read that you found a new home elsewhere, but if you are still (or again) looking, I’m letting you know.

Come on by, say hello, get a :cookie:


And as of today, we have two openings. Come one, Come all, come join us.


Wow, that was quick! We’re full up again already. (Still, please let me know if you are interested; another opening could come up. Either here or Line ID barrywuzhere works.)


It’s me the feisty leader, we’ve now got one opening in our fabulous alliance! Come and kill 8* titans with us in a fun, no stress environment. And don’t forget we have all of the cookies! Look me up on Line if you have any questions Jester2009


I’m interested in joining. In game name is bob. Currently about 3300and 1900cups


Apply to join in game so we can see your team, bob. Do an alliance search for “Paisley Power”


Are you still interested Bob?


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I know someone out there wants to come and join a fun, active, no stress alliance and kill 8* titans with us! We just keep growing and killing stronger and stronger titans, but most important have fun doing it. We play this game to have fun, so let’s have fun together and kick some serious butt!


I would be interested. How would I apply in game?


Hello! Tap on the alliance button on the bottom of the screen and these select the alliance tab once there. Search for Paisley Power and request to join.


Thanks. Sent it just a second ago


Glad you made it!

We still are looking for one more awesome member, and still have cookies for you! (Technically I’m slightly ahead of myself; one current member is going to leave after we are done with today’s titan.)


One spot open in our kickass alliance! Come and join in the fun and kill stuff with us!


Once again, we are full, and our new members are looking fantastic!


Wow, this has been a great month for Paisley Power, I’m seeing as I update our recruiting post. (YES, we have ONE opening right now!)

We were looking to add people in the middle or top third of our alliance with a team power of 3000+ then. Now it is more like 3200~3400.

We were killing 7* titans and some 8* titans. Now we are getting almost exclusively 8* titans, and I expect we’ll kill our first 9* titan soon, if we get one when we have enough flags to finish it.

Our members are growing, and we’ve gained a few fantastic new members as well. I don’t remember what our alliance score was then, but it is 105k now.

Come join us now!