Join or Merge be IMMORTAL

Currently six seats available.
Taking down 10 star titans.
Line ID: RahImmortal

We are a well rounded group of veteran players of adults. There’s a few who serve in the military overseas and a few who know each other personally. We get along and like this game. Of course we’re looking for others who enjoy playing as well and want to team up to take down bigger titans and reap the reward. A bit about myself. I’m 42 and an operations manager of a security company. Live about an hour north of Philly. Ex Air Force. Engaged with a 15 month old little girl and just found out we’re going to have another! So life is busy!! But I enjoy and make time for E&P. I’m currently level 53 and have a decent stable of heroes. My father and sister also play in the alliance. Let me know if your interested would love to add some more players to us!!!

Seats available - and then a witty comment to grab you’re attention.

Thanks autocorrect for the incorrect use of *your - it just looks silly.

Still seats open - waiting for ya :+1:

Still have seats for players out there! Looking for you!!

Recruit keep posting recruit keep posting recruit keep posting repeat

Recruit keep posting recruit keep posting recruit keep posting repeat

Are all of/any of you looking to merge? If so, Crew-Golden Dawn just started up and we are three members strong, looking to add to our ranks. We’re part of the Crew family of alliances and we are very well connected, so we’re looking to have others join us. As of right now, I believe there are 11 alliances all together at various stages. Golden Dawn is just the most recent addition.

We are actually in the middle of a possible merge - so hopefully that goes through. If not we’re looking take in others as we have a few in the military overseas and moving our ranks would prove difficult.

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