Fun fact, our leader Piggerston, often offers up pizza to the war Gods during AW.:joy:
Our co-leader Ven, is always studying up on heroes and the best formation to get the most out of your team.
You have myself Stormy, waiting to welcome you with a fresh shrubbery and a mug of strong ale.

We’ve been looking for you!:smiley:

We currently have 5 spots available.
Any takers?

Up! Join us! Have fun!

We still have a few spots available.

Four spots available.

Active players wanted for our fun alliance.

Looking for a new alliance? 2400 cups will get you a spot at one of the funniest alliances on the game. Stop by Mangy Marauders of NI today.:smiley:

We have 3 spots available. Now’s your time to become a Marauder.

Looking for active players to join our alliance Mangy Marauders of NI. We’re a fun bunch that understands life sometimes get in the way. It’s been a crazy year and because of relief issues we find we’re looking for new members.

So if you’re looking for a new home, come and give us a try.

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