Bump… bumping along🤣

We now have 5 spots available. Like everything else going on in the world, our alliance is going through changes. Long time players no longer have the time to play and etc

If you’re looking for a new alliance give us a try. We have some of the best players in the game :smiley:

Just join us :slight_smile:

Now is the time to join! What are you waiting for?

lol, great minds Ven :joy:

Join us today!:blush:

Come over to Mangy Marauders today.

Come join our super friendly alliance

Looking for 5 active players for our awesome alliance

Looking for a new alliance? Why not join us?

Bumping for new alliance members :joy:

We still have spots available. Come by and see if we’re the right fit for you.

Looking for active players, looking for a fun and friendly alliance.

Now that the war is over, it’s the perfect time to checkout our awesome alliance.

We’re looking to fill a few spots. How’s the time to become a proud marauder!:smiley:

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Are you looking for an alliance that actively hit the titan and require all flag usage for war? Great, because we’re looking for you!

Spots are still available.

Looking for active players for our fun alliance.

Looking for new alliance members.
We understand it’s hard to find the right fit, with so many alliances out there. Take a moment to see what we are about before throwing in the towel.
Mangy Marauders of NI, is a long standing alliance, we also have a sister Alliance Mangy Marauders for those that want to play but have a lot going on in their lives.
We are looking for active members that hit the titan and use all war flags. We are currently between *10 to *12 titans. We are comfortable within the *10 and *11 range but with the right members *12 titans won’t be a problem.
Are members range from many different levels and we are happy to new members grow. We members that are very knowledgeable of the game. We are not overly competitive yet we strive to work together as a family group.

We’re still looking for active members. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.:blush:

Looking for an active alliance? An alliance that work together actively on titans and the war? Check out Mangy Marauders of NI. If you have you have questions contact our leader Piggerston Via Line or drop them in the comments here. Line ID pfatsberg

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