Join King of the North


CALLING ALL TITAN KILLERS!!! Feel that your current alliance is stagnant? Looking for a fresh start? Well, the elevator is on the ground floor waiting for you.

King of the North has just been created. Top 100… been there. 7* titans… done that. My goal is to band together like minded veteran players for a run to victory… and a trophy case full of titan heads. Pls have a 2200 team strength and 800 cups and be willing to grow.

Here are the screenshots to prove my words, and see where I’m wanting to take us… To arms my friends.


In less than 24 hrs, we have gone from one man w/ a vision to 10 titan killers strong. Join our crusade.


Our 3, 1* titans have barely lasted an hour each. If you are offline when it comes up, you’ll miss a hit. We’re all hungry cause these titans have no meat on their bones. We will need you when we face the eventual 7*s though.

We are now 13/30. Still on the prowl for more heavy hitters.


20 strong. Need 10 more killers!!!


24/30. We are forming a nice group. Still need six.


Grats on your speedy growth! May you quickly find the last six! :smiley:


I would like to join. Been playing for a little over a week. My team has 2,205 power. Should be much stronger in the next few days. PapaieThiago is my ign. Thanks!


We started this Alliance a little over 3 weeks ago and we’ve already downed numerous 7s. 8 have gotten away thus far. We have 1 spot open, with 2 potential spots opening soon (depending on if they show up before this titan dies).

2400 team strength/1200 cups min.


3 spots open. Get yours now!!!


Think you meant 3 months ago? :slight_smile:


OP was 24 days. My math is a little rusty, but that looks like weeks to me.


I started 7 weeks ago and I remember JonSnow from early on advertising spots for a 6* killing guild, only reason I asked haha.

If I had taken a different path in game think there’s a non-zero chance I would’ve applied for his alliance actually, always struck me as a quality one.

Edit: Oh it was a different name, under same management hah.


Hi guys, my friend and I are looking for a friendly active English-speaking alliance with a room to grow that we could both join together. Yours sounds great, but we’re both rather… meek and easily frightened haha.

So I’d like to ask what’s your policy on actual titan damage? Say, one gets a bad board and does crap damage, are you going to yell? :smiley:

Also, while my team is over 2400 in strength, I am still waiting for more heavy hitter characters (2 healers currently…) so my titan damage is not the most impressive, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely. Don’t know if that would be at all okay for your alliance.

Friend’s team power is 2615, mine is 2501 currently. Both around 1200 cups (I’m more focused on farming resources currently, cost me some cups, have to admit :P).



@Revelate Yes, I was recruiting for another ally. I was wanting more than the leader was willing to take us. I now lead another alliance. We are a great team that has already surpassed what the other alliance was doing.


Looking for an active alliance that’s going places? Search no further!!! King of the North is an alliance on the rise!!! Countless 7* titans down. You’ll find nothing but helpful titan killers w/ an active chat channel. We need ONE active veteran to finish out our roster. Please have a minimum of 2400 team strength and 1200 trophies. Come, stand shoulder to shoulder with your peers and revel in the spoils of victory. Drama free zone!!! Leader: JonSnow


We have another opening.


We broke the Top 100.


Congrats to you and your team JonSnow!