Join Insurrectionists! Currently full!



After a long forum hiatus, Insurrectionists is recruiting from the forum again.

Insurrectionists: 2500 TP, 1100ish cups (negotiable on both for the right team!)
We play daily (100% participation) and have fun in war. Insurrectionists has been around since April 2017.
Defeating 7-8* titans

Our Insurrectionists Family discord server has advice and information from some of the best players in the game, as well as places for socializing. Check us out!!



need a few more! Still stuck in your inactive alliance? not sure why your raids are unsuccessful? Join us and we will help!


Insurrectionists is a fun place with 20 active members kicking 8* titans’ butts on a daily basis. Looking for a place to grow? just want some casual fun? either way, check Insurrectionists out!


2 spots available! No drama! Titans killed!