Join if 10 * Titans is your thing

  • Fun, active, helpful group. Looking for a few New faces to join the party.
  • We are mixed bunch with hard hitting experienced players and some not as experienced so a real we’re a middle road Alliance.
  • Teamwork is the Winners ways so don’t beat yourself up on not winning ever war , it’s the participation that counts .
  • If you opt in for War use all flags
  • 1800 Trophies Required.
  • Titans are sometimes capped ,at 10*
  • Relaxed and Understanding Absolutely No Pressure We all have lives outside of the game! So we won’t call you at crazy o’clock to participate but Communicate with us, and we got you
  • Currently 3 seats left
  • When you join, feel free to introduce yourself!
    *Line app Recommended but optional
    Give Us a Try

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