Join Gunter Academia - we are addicted to the game!

Are you looking for an active alliance where people are friendly, laid-back and drama free? Well, you just hit jackpot today, because we have 10 open spots for people like that.

We are Gunter Academia, and this is how we play it,

  • We speak English, and we are from all over the world
  • All of us are respectful and laid-back. Aggressive or rude people need to leave
  • Wars are optional - but if you join, you gotta use all 6 flags
  • We are addicted to the game - let’s hunt down 5* and 6* titans (with harpoons)

Come find us and join us today.
:cowboy_hat_face: :space_invader: :star_struck: :fire:

If you belong to a small alliance (2-10 people), we could merge!
Come find us and join us today :wink:

Still have 8 open slots!

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