Join Full Moon Warriors ! (new alliance)

We are a group of five seasoned players who recently started a new alliance and we welcome new players! We truly enjoy the game and each other. We play daily, but do so for fun. We are competitive, but not obnoxious. We like to joke, share a whiskey :tumbler_glass: and have a good time. Come experience the difference of a truly supportive alliance. Adults only, 18+

Welcome to your new alliance!

Full Moon Warriors :full_moon:


I know the majority of new alliances starting up are not a ton interested in a merger, but if that is something you are thinking about, check us out. We sound like a very similar bunch. Most of us have played together for a year. We broke off from a casual alliance to form TBD.

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I will speak with the group and get back in touch with you. Much appreciation!

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