Join Dragons Training Grounds

We are currently looking for active players to join us. 600 cups to join. We are fighting 5-6* titans and having a lot of fun. We are a training alliance for a bigger sister alliance so once you have grown there is the option to move up. Thanks for looking.

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How can I join @BlackArrow

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Search for Dragons Training Grounds on the alliance tab and submit request. We almost always have someone there to accept you in!

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We have 8 spots open after some house cleaning.

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How do I join? Still kinda new

In the game on you alliance tab, search for Dragons Training Grounds and submit a request to join. We are there to accept you now.

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How do I join the clan?? xplain what settings have to do. Thanks

It shouldn’t be to hard to get through the steps. In the game hit the alliance tab with the war helmet. Then in the top right corner, hit the alliances tab and type in “Dragons Training Grounds” once you find us you can request to join.


I did send a request via my account but still I’m not inside. What am I doing wrong?

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