Join Crew-Jesters 🍻 Top 200 Without the Pressure or Drama! Two Openings

How much boss their?

I heard they go for around $100 each

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If you would like to play in a relaxed but competitive and drama free environment we are the best choice! Send us a message in our line ids: kloster31 (EU timezone) or math-teacher (US time zone).

You’d fit right in. Weekend @Shyam might be able to translate for you. :sweat_smile:


Is there any rules to play there

Yes we have some rules which help our alliance being constructed and competitive for its level. One of them is to use the line application and pass from an interview in line with leadership so we know each other better and check if we have a good fit. If you have line please ad me via line id. My line id is kloster31 or if this isn’t easy for you give us your line id (not line nickname) so we can add you from your line id. Whatever is better for you.

What line you talking

The line application is a free chating program which help us discuss about the game and other things. If you are on Android system with Playstore you can download it from Playstore. There is also the same version for ios system. This is the program:

This always seems strange to me in a game, but best of luck to you all


It isn’t so strange if you see the interview as a discussion where both sides can make clear their expectations so they can agree or disagree. Exactly because this is a game all the members must be happy with their alliance and only with a clear and good fit you can achieve this.


I joined after doing an interview. I thought it was an extremely useful and insightful process. It allowed me to learn about not only the rules and expectations, but also the vibe of the alliance. I also think it was great to get the know the leadership early.

Once both sides thought it would be a good fit, the transition was very smooth. I wish more alliances have these interviews or other introductory engagements–makes it more likely you’ll find a great alliance.

I’m certainly glad I interviewed with Crew-Jesters: they’re perfect (for me)… and could be for you too!


Thanks @Kaerlighed69 for sharing your experience and your thoughts with everyone!!! Really appreciated!!! :gift_heart:

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I think most top Alliances are doing interviews. We try to get only reliable and engaged players. You wont see war deserters in top alliances if the interviews were conducted properly .

Happy gaming


Don’t want to go off topic, will continue with you another day in another thread

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Thanks guys for all that discussion! Jesters are searching to fill their last spot! Line us @ kloster31 or math-teacher if you are interested to join us!

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Jesters are full but our waiting list is always open! Send us a message if you would like to take a spot there!


Contact with us in line for a spot in our waiting list. :black_joker:


good to see somebody’s full

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Hopefully you fill up fast as well. :beers:

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gave up lol, not enough competitors left