Join Crew-Jesters 🍻 Top 200 Without the Pressure or Drama! One Opening!

2 spots soon available in Crew-Jesters! Competitive and friendly atmosphere awaits for you! Let’s fill them all!!

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2 spots available! Let’s fill them!!! Send us a message to know us better! :black_joker: :crossed_swords: :sun_with_face::cocktail::beer::incoming_envelope: :popcorn: :bow_and_arrow: :candy: :ice_cream:

We still need you!

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Come for the food. Stay for the ridiculousness.

Come for the ridiculousness. Stay for the food.

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Competitive and friendly environment, that’s just the Jester way

Come on, free beer when u apply!


Just need 1! :crossed_swords: Who will be so lucky? :bow_and_arrow: :black_joker: :beer: Send us a message today! :incoming_envelope: :clinking_glasses: :popcorn: