Join Business Casual for a low-pressure, fun team



Hi everyone. I’m sure you’ve been through this before: new player, join an alliance, meet 7 or 8 cool people you want to play the game with, but the rest of the alliance (to include the leader) is MIA and you stall in progressing as a team. That’s precisely what happened to me about a month ago so we went ahead and started Business Casual. We felt that name exemplified who we are: a fun-loving group of people that like to keep it casual but still go to work and get stuff done. We all have lives and responsibilities outside of E&P but we also want to get something out of the time spent in game.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to have you come join our little family we’re building. We don’t care if you have 0 cups or 2000, fully ascended 5* heroes or a fresh set of 2*s. Our rules are simple:

  1. Treat each other with respect
  2. Participate in Titan attacks
  3. Participate in War when able
  4. Share what you know, be open to what you might not

We hope to see you in game soon!