Join a War

I’m on level 13 and in an Alliance but cannot find an option to join a war…how do I join a war?

I m not sure but war have a minimum level (14)

You have to wait until the next war starts, which will be Wednesday.

In the meantime, go to your Alliance tab and click War. This should bring up 2 important things. First is a checkbox labeled Alliance Wars. Make sure it is checked.
Second is a button labeled Battlefield. Click that. You should get the option to set your defense team. Make sure you set up 5 heroes in the same way as you would for raid defense.

It is possible that you may not get the defense team option right away, since a war just ended. Keep checking until it shows up.

Also, this graphic will help you understand a lot more about wars.


Thank you for your reply… I’ve found option for participation but cannot find option for battlefield

Thank you so much… I’ve been trying to figure this out for about 2months, sadly my (3rd) alliance don’t wanna answer anything… mine doesn’t say battlefield but it might during a battle I have prepared for…

Sounds like you need a new alliance. Check out Pet Project. It’s a teaching alliance for active daily players. Or, if you prefer a more casual approach, check out Alternative Heroes. Also a teaching alliance, more laid back. Good people in both. Tell 'em Pinks sent you.

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That’s weird, isn’t it? You’re not in preparation phase, your level (13) should be sufficient (advertised minimum is 12), you’ve checked “Participate in Wars” …

… does anyone have an explanation for the missing “Battlefield” button?

… 'cause I sure don’t. :-\

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Thanks Pinks… Will do!.. and again thanks a bunch for your time and everything you’ve done… have a good day

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I don’t see the option to edit the defense team there either… wasn’t that a new feature?

You can only edit your defense team outside of wars. During and immediately after the war, that option is disabled

Thanks for the clarification! :+1:

As usual clear, conscience and to the point. Bravo,:sunglasses:

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I have the same issues. Went to Alliance >wars, no checkbox appears…

I’m in the same boat as Revin… no checkbox is there to participate in wars… what can I do?

I have an alliance member that has the same problem. I ve tried anythink. Reinstall, update, login . He has the game on a iOS phone. He does not have the checkbox.
At last i ve recommended to make a ticket. Maybe helps.