Join a green tank alliance

i would like to try and trot out my telluria tank in war. is there an opportunity anywhere for me?

Could be killing shots doing less damage. I’ve seen that when throwing tiles and specials. Especially with jabber killing a final single hero/monster

It depends on your level. I know of several alliances at different levels switching to Green tanks. One is Legion of Darkness (top 200 team) with Apparition as leader. My alliance is thinking about switching fairly soon. We’re not quite there yet we’re going to assess at the end of the month. What level are you at?

@Nalu maybe KotN Peace Warriors will fit for you.
Line : Mafia Princess or julia-north

Phoenix Song would love to see what your team could do! We’re laid back so we allow tanks of all colors.

Thanks! I’ll try and contact one of them on line.
I’m level 60 but not fully ready to fight with or against the klinmayhem’s of the world

@Nalu, Guardians Heroes will be switching to green tanks pretty soon (mostly Telluria). We’re a growing alliance with mid/advanced level, dedicated members. Come check us out or contact me on Line at tangy451 if interested.
Good luck!

lol. Julia’s recommendation might be the best then.

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